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    • Tiffany, I replied to this under Mandy's comment... assuming you are reading everything that comes through here, but wanted to make sure... and I'm not sure what a professional scrapper is, in the way it was used... AS I understand it CT is paid with product... not sure about Professional designers, joining in??/ but I think some people have the wrong idea... about what all goes on...  Scrap for hire would probably be professional,, but I'm not sure that making simple pages for hire, qualifies any one as being top notch scrapper... I used to be involved in Miniatures, and would sell at shows, making a pittance in return... enough to support my hobby and nothing more...  The others in my local group seemed to think I was professional thus, I was not eligible to receive special pricing on deals they got in the way of supplies... That hurt my feelings very badly, because if I didn't sell something I could not afford to stay in that expensive hobby... I mention this because people have assumptions, that are not always correct...   Perhaps it was because of the BIG prizes offered for the Masters competition? I know the Lily pad has a month long challenge going.. right up front we have been told we will get a $20 gift card, if we do all 31 challenge and meet the requirements.. no judging, etc... There are a huge number participating, and I am not aware of anyone feeling traumatized, over the fact that everyone is participating, including the Designers... So perhaps something more like that? I like challenges and competitions, because they push me in ways  I never would have gone otherwise!....   OK off my soap box!!!!
    • Thanks, I give  that a shot... BTW... aren't you bestcee??? Do you have to use your real name here??? See I WAS paying attention.... ( I want a smiley face now!) Oh, thanks... Hope those are blog posts then... The ones that come a couple of times a week, with techniques, etc....
    • I am sure there were all levels of scrappers in the Masters challenge... Talent is probably as good a word as any, but I would say experience, more than anything was needed.. I can remember when I started and knew nothing.. I consider my self advanced, at this point and have a distinct style that did not mesh well with the challenge requirements.. I think my pages were very good and loved them all, but never won a thing... so be it.... each of us has style preference, and I did not care for many of the winning pages, and others  I thought were phenomenal.. some I thought should have won, that didn't.. the dog in the middle of the freeway for one!!!! I choose not to be CT anyplace because of the time it takes, and my goal is to scrap my life, and my families, before it ends...  I too appreciated having my boundaries pushed... for eth record it takes me at least a day to complete a page, because each one has to be an artistic creation, and I could never slap out several a day like so many do... I don't even understand that mentality!
    • Not ashamed buuuut, I was patiently waiting for MOS this year after I graduate from uni. LOL OTL
      But thank you, it's bittersweet, I had fun here and learned some great stuff. 
        I so relate to this. There were some of the best CT scrapbookers from the biggest online scrapbook stores participating. At first I was afraid in joining the competition (I signed up the very last day), after it started I took it as a class instead as I could learn from all of them in one site, IT WAS COOL.  So thank you  Wishing y'all the best. 
    • Hi Patti, me again. I found your question relating to iPad vs. Mac. The BEST person to talk to is Kelly Sill. She's a Mac user BUT she's the best person I know on an iPad. She teaches the Art of the Apps classes here. I understand your hesitation to join her group but there are 700 members having conversations about the very questions your asking. They have a wealth of information available to you. But, if you don't want to join them, which is okay, let me introduce you to Kelly specifically. She's the best person on our staff to help you. I can send you her email address if that's okay.