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  2. I'm glad to see that Hayden was really going over the safety instructions. Flying quite a bit, it's sad (and somewhat scary) to see kids heads down into their electronics when important information like this is shared ... and you just never know #touchwood
  3. The circle frames really drawn you into the pictures - and I completely love that you did NOT crop the photos into the circular shape. The way they stick out from the frames is unusual and a great idea.
  4. Great job on giving this an aged/worn look - goes perfect with this 'wild west' pictures and topic.
  5. yay for trying to fish ... but goofy faces when no fish are around is pretty fun, too. I love that you captured both the seriousness of the fishing efforts and the goofiness, too.
  6. I love how you included the rainbow picture and made that your background. Even with eight other photos on the page, it doesn't get lost at all!
  7. Bestcee, I saw this in your post, " I am not very happy with what I've done so far and am struggling with the style. I have been trying to emulate (for the most part) Kelly's Art of the Apps style and my pages just aren't looking as cool as her pages do. Not sure why I can't seem to get there. Maybe if I start now I can finish in the fall?! " I think if you showed a couple of pages to your son, he's be thrilled, and like Stacia and Sue mentioned, it's the memory that people will comment on. You'll find your groove, I'm sure of it!
  8. Kat, you should totally watch the most recent seasons with Peter Capauldi. He reminds me of the episodes I've seen with John Pertwee as the doctor: Cranky and ornery because the humans are acting stupid.
  9. Aw, thanks for that, Stacia! I know what you are saying is true...I've been to a few of the ceremonies and that is what people comment on...
  10. Aw, this is such a sweet page! I really love everything about it...another page that initially looks simple, but has so much interesting detail and that highlights the photos so wonderfully.
  11. Great two page spread documenting your looks simple overall, but there is so much detail in the pictures. I love how you layered the picture with the rainbow behind the others. Keeping the papers and embellishments simple really made your pictures be the focal points of the pages. Very nice!
  12. Love this page, Kat...the picture is great and the embellishments and diagonal division draw your eye around the page. Very nice!
  13. That is a great panoramic photo and I love the simplicity of your page. I also love the title and how your shadowed!
  14. I think we could all use one of these! So I missed the spring Project Scrap ... but I'm here for the summer. I just got back from a trip to New Orleans, so I'm using this month's Champions strategies and kit, and those are the pages I'll be working on. Got a head start and did my title page already.
  15. New Orleans - Cover

    This month's Champion strategies are perfect after a recent trip to New Orleans! This is the cover/first page for ... well, I don't know how many I'll end up with at the moment LOL
  16. I've heard that the new incarnation of who will play The Doctor is taking a twist for the new season (and without giving anything away, it's about time!!). I grew up on so many British shows in Australia in the 70's and 80's, including Doctor Who ... oh, and The Goodies. Anyone else see that show? #datingmyself ROFL!! Doctor Who, though .. daleks, cyborgs, K-9 ... I really love the original versions and the first 3 or 4 Doctors. I've kind of lost track of where things are now.
  17. Let me say that at Tommy's Eagle Ceremony everyone walked over to his memorabilia table and looked at all the albums I had over there, even his fellow scouts. No one was looking at my scrap style, they were just enjoying the photos of "remember when..." and "gosh, we/they were so young here...". Whatever you have will be amazing and just perfect for the occasion.
  18. Bestcee, I totally understand where you are coming plan was to join in on this one but I am not sure I'm ready! I have been spending a lot of my spare time trying to find a full-time job and it has been a job in and of itself. I hope I get one soon. Two interviews coming up and so stressed out...the last interview I had was seven hours long. Anyway, I've started an album for my son about his experiences in scouting, since he (hopefully) will be finishing his last merit badge and his Eagle project soon. I want to get it done for when he completes his Eagle Board of Review and we have his ceremony. I am not very happy with what I've done so far and am struggling with the style. I have been trying to emulate (for the most part) Kelly's Art of the Apps style and my pages just aren't looking as cool as her pages do. Not sure why I can't seem to get there. Maybe if I start now I can finish in the fall?!
  19. Wow, I love the effect you used on the picture of Max...very vivid and cool! This is such a great example of less is soooo much more. Really like this page and the quote you chose.
  20. What a beautiful page...I agree with the tilted frame and the out of bounds brushing. I also like that you took incorporated colors from the photo into your edge design. Very nice!
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  22. The only failure is the one where we don't even try. Progress is progress even if it's in small amounts! I've been working on my family's Disney album for over a year and am STILL not done! But I am definitely one of those people who shapes up for an accountability partner (which you guys are!) so I promised myself that I WILL get it done for sure! Plus we're going to Disneyland this fall and I do not want to start the next vacation album without finishing the first one!
  23. The show started back in the 60's on BBC and eventually went off the air. It was revived in 2005. If you have never watched any of the show before, I would probably watch a few of the Christmas specials to see if it's the kind of thing you like to watch. They are available for streaming on amazon prime. The Doctor is a humanoid alien who can travel through time. He travels with a human companion in a ship shaped like a police box because the camouflage circuit was broken, and he never fixed it. If he is near death, he is able to regenerate and change into a new body. He travels the universe in his box saving people and aliens who are in trouble. You can probably start anywhere in the show, not necessarily at the beginning. You may miss references and nuances that harken earlier episodes, but not the whole plot. One of my favorite episodes is Blink. Season 4 or 5 is a decent place to start. Each doctor and companion have different personalities and bring their own energy to the roles, so you will find you like some seasons better than others. The actors change every couple seasons, and any big story arc that was happening is generally ended with the actor change.
  24. I'm with bestcee, I'm still working on my winter project, a family recipe booklet. It is farther along than it was and I need a little push to keep going.
  25. I really want a flair that says "Project Scrap Fail". Hmm...Do I think I can do better? I have the same goal as my Winter Project Scrap Fail - To finish my cruise book. I curated photos, so just need to scrap them. We have another one in Sept, so I really would like to have this one done first!
  26. Love the mix of the circle mats below the square photos!
  27. The circle frames totally caught my eye! Love the happy smiles, and the word art is just perfect.
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