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  2. Awesome page! I love your black and white with spashes of blue page! Great picture and it looks like she is stepping outside the blocks.
  3. So cool! I love the monotone color scheme! Great job with her arms/feet out of bounds too!
  4. Lol I LOVE your title work! So fun and a perfect style to capture these memories!
  5. I got one more recipe page done and my husband has a batch of cookies to eat. I guess that's a win for both of us.
  6. Great pages. I really like that you have photos of yourself interacting with your son. I wish I had the technology to do that when my kids were young.
  7. Wow, this is amazing. Such a unique interpretation of this month's strategy. Great page!
  8. B-and-W-dance-2017.jpg

    Suppies used: Rebecca McMeen: Midnight Falls May champions kit Totally by Megan's Creations I loved this tutorial in Champions this month. It has so much possibility.
  9. You are definitely on a roll. Another gorgeous page! I love the simplicity of it and the fact that your eye is drawn right to the photo. Well done.
  10. This is stunning and the texture is amazing. It come right off of the page. Great title too. Thanks for sharing, it's inspiring.
  11. I agree with Sue. I like the way you combined your patterns and colors. I want to try this myself.
  12. You did a wonderful job with this. I can see how you were influenced by Anna's class and you made it your own. Lovely!
  13. Love the humor in your "comic" page. Well done!
  14. Great job on this one too! This class gave me soooo many ideas...there were so many things I had done before but not put together in an artsy manner. It was fun, wasn't it?
  15. That must have been a challenge as you are working with such different textures in the pictures and a more monochromatic color scheme. I have to say this is an amazing example of how to take the techniques and apply them in a completely different manner. I really love the more subtle gradient you used and that you can really focus on all the different important aspects of the pictures.
  16. Another beautiful page! Wow, you are really going to town on these techniques! The watercolor technique looks amazing and that was one of my favorites from the class/brushes. You are my new idol (sorry, Tiffany! LOL)!
  17. Wow, another great page....Love the pictures the blending, the saying and especially the effect you used on the title! So beautiful! I need to get back in those videos and try some of these techniques out! Maybe I can do one as nice as yours...having a bit of trouble finding my non-linear mojo lately...
  18. LOVE this! You did an amazing job and I love your choice of photos!
  19. Aw, he is so cute and I love how you have his feet "out of bounds" on this page. Very nice job with the title and all the comic book effects!
  20. Nice, Amy! Love the pictures and the two page spread....I also like the way you clustered some of the elements and the journal strips being in the corner.
  21. I like your page! This was definitely a challenging one with all the filters. I like the angle of the sections and the colors you have next to each other. I don't think I did as good a job with that. If you are talking about how the faces look, I honestly think you could adjust one or two of the filters and reduce the size of the "dots" (for lack of a better word!) on the faces and you would love it! I think it's really cute and it seems comic/retro to me with an almost 80s secondary theme. Brings back the memories, for sure! I'm going to try these techniques again myself because I want to play around with them.
  22. the Lurker

    I thought this month would be really hard for me but it was so much fun! The hardest part was just trying to come up with a title and then I didn't have a whole lot of room to fit it in...but I have to say I LOVE these comic book style pages and halftones! I had the perfect pictures for this style and I like how my page turned out. My son really got a kick out of it! Papers and elements were all from Megs kit this month.
  23. Cla2e.jpg

    Wow this class was just awesome. I dusted of my tablet and had to reinstall all the drivers. All I can say that it was so worth it!! Will definitely use these techniques a lot more.
  24. Munster.jpg

    I really loved how the messy line technique taught by Vicky took this austere title and really made it more playful. Have used the liquify filter before but never thought of using it in this way. Awesome!!
  25. Mon2e.jpg

    My take on the AnnaAspnes class. Loved what it did to the photo of my daughter!!
  26. cartoonye.jpg

    Quite a challenge. I think I did not have the right photo. Will try it again sometime with another photo.
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