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  2. Where are you in Michigan? I am too!
  3. I may toss a coin. I love historical fiction so I am leaning towards that, but I just don't know! I will let you know what I decide. I hope I don't forget to pick one.
  4. I would also check trip adviser for hotels.
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  6. Would you consider a cruise? The only time we have been on the Western side would have been on a cruise. We went to mazatlan, Cabo, and puerto Vallarta. Over the past several years the western side is considered not to be as safe for tourists. At least that is what I had read. We didn't have any issues but we just got on and off the ship. I think Puerto Vallarta in the hotel zone would be fine, but I don't know any names of places to stay. Hurricane season would be over by Christmas time too so other than travel time, eastern side could be an option.
  7. How exciting! I've never been to Mexico so I have nothing to offer for that. But I believe hurricane season ends on November 30, so you should be ok with that...(but I am no scientist so don't quote me). Happy planning, I love planning trips!
  8. That's definitely rough within the first month of school. But I can understand they don't want the kids in that heat. It was 90 here in NYC on Sunday and I am soooo over the heat.
  9. I honestly don't take advantage of that either. I do subscribe to Kindle Unlimited as I read quite a lot of Romance novels that way. Let us know what you choose!
  10. Oh, but you should, lol.
  11. photo was really little as well and I'm sure when I print the quality will be bad....but I sorta made it as a background picture, hopefully it won't look that bad!! Thank you for the nice compliment!! <3
  12. Thank you Kiana!! I really appreciate it!!
  13. Love the blocking! So many awesome patterned papers just makes my heart sing!
  14. That large photo is just awesome! Most of the older photos I have of family are such poor quality- I could never enlarge them that big! SO cool!
  15. Love the colors here, they really work well together and pop. I love the two pager with the blocking
  16. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Love it
  17. I'll look into it for you Felis! Kathy is on vacation- so that may be why you haven't heard from her! I or someone will get back to you asap!
  18. Beautiful page I love the angled papers and the banner going across.
  19. Artsy perfection. This is superb!
  20. Love the white space and the fun paint. The big title is perfect and I like the long photo
  21. Soooo precious. The soft colors and the big cluster are perfect
  22. Gorgeous page. I love your heritage photos and the blending is perfect. Love that big cluster too
  23. Mmm, sorry, but I send message 2 times and no one answer me. What I can do more?
  24. 1709-champions-template-1.jpg

    created with this month's Champions Kit "Yesterdays" by Etc. by Danyale and template included This is my Grandma and Grandpa with all of my aunts and uncles on my mom's side
  25. We are going to Mexico for Christmas! YAY! Now- the planning. Where should we go? We want to stay on the West side of the country 1. travel times are faster & 2. Hurricanes! Where is your favorite Mexican destination? Rules- 1. All inclusive 2. Kid friendly 3. OCEAN front! Thanks in advance!
  26. This is too cute! Love all those adorable photos and the fun cluster in the corner of your layout.
  27. Your clusters are awesome. Love the bigger photo in this pocket style page!
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