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  2. Tiffany, I replied to this under Mandy's comment... assuming you are reading everything that comes through here, but wanted to make sure... and I'm not sure what a professional scrapper is, in the way it was used... AS I understand it CT is paid with product... not sure about Professional designers, joining in??/ but I think some people have the wrong idea... about what all goes on... Scrap for hire would probably be professional,, but I'm not sure that making simple pages for hire, qualifies any one as being top notch scrapper... I used to be involved in Miniatures, and would sell at shows, making a pittance in return... enough to support my hobby and nothing more... The others in my local group seemed to think I was professional thus, I was not eligible to receive special pricing on deals they got in the way of supplies... That hurt my feelings very badly, because if I didn't sell something I could not afford to stay in that expensive hobby... I mention this because people have assumptions, that are not always correct... Perhaps it was because of the BIG prizes offered for the Masters competition? I know the Lily pad has a month long challenge going.. right up front we have been told we will get a $20 gift card, if we do all 31 challenge and meet the requirements.. no judging, etc... There are a huge number participating, and I am not aware of anyone feeling traumatized, over the fact that everyone is participating, including the Designers... So perhaps something more like that? I like challenges and competitions, because they push me in ways I never would have gone otherwise!.... OK off my soap box!!!!
  3. Thanks, I give that a shot... BTW... aren't you bestcee??? Do you have to use your real name here??? See I WAS paying attention.... ( I want a smiley face now!) Oh, thanks... Hope those are blog posts then... The ones that come a couple of times a week, with techniques, etc....
  4. I am sure there were all levels of scrappers in the Masters challenge... Talent is probably as good a word as any, but I would say experience, more than anything was needed.. I can remember when I started and knew nothing.. I consider my self advanced, at this point and have a distinct style that did not mesh well with the challenge requirements.. I think my pages were very good and loved them all, but never won a thing... so be it.... each of us has style preference, and I did not care for many of the winning pages, and others I thought were phenomenal.. some I thought should have won, that didn't.. the dog in the middle of the freeway for one!!!! I choose not to be CT anyplace because of the time it takes, and my goal is to scrap my life, and my families, before it ends... I too appreciated having my boundaries pushed... for eth record it takes me at least a day to complete a page, because each one has to be an artistic creation, and I could never slap out several a day like so many do... I don't even understand that mentality!
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  6. Not ashamed buuuut, I was patiently waiting for MOS this year after I graduate from uni. LOL OTL But thank you, it's bittersweet, I had fun here and learned some great stuff. I so relate to this. There were some of the best CT scrapbookers from the biggest online scrapbook stores participating. At first I was afraid in joining the competition (I signed up the very last day), after it started I took it as a class instead as I could learn from all of them in one site, IT WAS COOL. So thank you Wishing y'all the best.
  7. Hi Patti, me again. I found your question relating to iPad vs. Mac. The BEST person to talk to is Kelly Sill. She's a Mac user BUT she's the best person I know on an iPad. She teaches the Art of the Apps classes here. I understand your hesitation to join her group but there are 700 members having conversations about the very questions your asking. They have a wealth of information available to you. But, if you don't want to join them, which is okay, let me introduce you to Kelly specifically. She's the best person on our staff to help you. I can send you her email address if that's okay.
  8. Hi Patti, we hope to always be a dedicated site that you can come to. And our number one priority is to be a resource for our members. Which class does your question pertain to? As shared above, we're happy to connect you with the instructor of the workshop. And part of the membership is having regularly scheduled meetings that you can connect with the instructor of that membership and the students as well along with emails that are sent out for information purposes. I would hope that us not having a forum would not make you feel alienated. But we offer many ways to interact with us and get your questions answered if you'd like to continue.
  9. I'm very disappointed. I had posted a question in the forum and now can't see the responses and the thread. I don't want to clutter my fb feed with more "groups"; I liked that this is a dedicated site I can come to. I realize this is easier for you -- the admins -- but isn't this supposed to be about what's best and easiest for us, the scrapbookers? Very disappointed to see this and this may well change my plans to take tons of workshops here.
  10. Hi Bree, sadly no. Some of the feedback we received for the contest from our students was that the talent required to win was, as best as I can sum it up, out of reach and in the future we should separate the contest into "professionals" and "amateurs". We never want to host something that feels like it isolates a subgroup of our digital scrapbooking base. So, the only way to host the competition again AND prevent that feeling of isolation would be to drive up the cost of the event. And that's not a good idea either. Thus, in the end, we will not host a mega-contest or Masters of Scrap in the future.
  11. Hi Liz and thank you EVERYONE for your emails and support tickets and private messages about the changes coming to our forum and gallery. I absolutely appreciate all of the feedback and knowing that you value this resource, our forum and gallery, as much as I and my staff do. Also, this reply is more of a general reply but most of what Liz highlighted is also part of the feedback I've received from others. And, of course, I'll always address anything shared. First, let's clear up some confusion: The blog (including all articles, tutorials, and content) is NOT changing. It will ALWAYS be hosted right here: on our site. Our free library of tutorials and articles is some of the best long-form, informative information you'll find online for digital scrapbooking. The classes, events and memberships will always be hosted on the site. The only thing that's "changing" is that we'll be using Facebook to socialize daily with members of our already established memberships. We've already been doing this -- using private Facebook groups -- for years, so technically it's simply going all in and accepting the reality. And we have found that many of our members hang out in our private groups on Facebook more so than our forum and gallery here. There are currently a total of about 1000 people in our Scrapaneers' affiliated private Facebook groups -- the most active and largest is Art of the Apps, which has many ongoing conversations. In the end, it doesn't make financial, business sense for us to continue paying for a resource that our members aren't using. Instead, we can invest the money we'll save from closing the forum into something else that is much more valuable for our members -- like more classes taught by others, quality products, or even an upgraded classroom system. I feel that that is the BEST way to support our growing membership base. I want to offer so much more! But I can't if we continue to support resources that our loyal customers don't use but pay a great deal for. And while contest and challenges and a beautiful forum and gallery are absolutely fun, if they don't truly support our membership base, it's hard to continue doing them. I hope that clears up some of the confusion. One more thing -- just about general Facebook use. One way to use Facebook is to create an account that ONLY is for groups. No friends. No posting selfies. Just you on Facebook (even with an alias if you prefer) so that you can enjoy groups. I know many people who have this kind of dummy account because they prefer to filter out the "noise". Thank you all again for sharing your thoughts with us. I love knowing that there are people who feel so strongly about what we do and want us to keep at it! I'm dedicated to just that. <3
  12. One suggestion from me all layouts that are put in Pinterest will be saved even when site is closed. This is something that I learned from bad experience after many closed sites. So if you want to keep something for inspiration that's fast and easy way.
  13. That face! I love it!
  14. That bottom mask is gorgeous! It's a great start!
  15. I commented on Facebook, but I want to say again: I love the doodley bits you use!
  16. The blog is not going away. So if it's a blog post you are referring to, it will still be there! I totally know what you mean! I have a few nieces that like to post anything and everything - sometimes 10-15 posts a day! What I've done is to click on their name, and then there's some grey buttons: Friends, Following, Message, ... Click on Following and change it to "Unfollow". You are still friends, but their posts won't be in your newsfeed. I know that might not work for you; I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
  17. I sent a reply email, but it bounced back, so here are my comments.... Sorry to see this happen... I for one, and I know I am not alone, HATE using FB for anything...and stay as far away as I possible can... they are always changing how things are done.. I used to belong to several private groups.. now I have no idea how to find them, because they are no longer listed on my home page... I virtually never check my home page/newsfeed, because I have a couple of friends who fill it with posts about all of their forwarded viewpoints.. I hesitate to unfriend them, because they are real friends in real life... but they make using FB not fun... Hope this works for you... I have been around this site since before it existed... following Tiffany for over 10 years, from one new venture to the next.... Just my humble opinion... Liz (easyeyes4you) PS I assume this means that all the posts by scrapneers staff, about all sorts of subjects, that come regularly will be gone also??? You should really think about archiving them... Lots of hours of wonderful information went into the information that is contained in them....
  18. I'm bummed too ladies.
  19. Last week
  20. Thank you Kathy!
  21. I am so sad. So I take it no more master of scraps? I'm so bummed- facebook isn't nearly as fun.
  22. Oh, this is sad. I had fun here and learned new things. I hope you have a good luck with FB, even this will limited some of us that not use it!
  23. If you're a current student in any of our memberships or current class offerings, you'll want to find us! Here's where you can (if you aren't already there): Digital Scrapbook Academy: (registrations will be confirmed) Champions: (registrations will be confirmed) Art of the Apps: If you need to contact any instructor for a retired class, please connect with us at Student Support: We'll be happy to connect you with her.
  24. Hello fellow scrapbookers! It’s a new year, which means new classes are coming to Scrapaneers for 2018. But before we can dive into what’s coming up, we’ll need to discuss what’s changing right now.We’re saying goodbye to our Community, our forum and gallery, on February 5th, 2018. We love our forum and gallery and have grown quite connected to it. We enjoy offering challenges, hosting mega-contests, mingling with students and providing answers to their pressing digital scrappy questions. However, we have tested and found that we’re able to better serve our members and students through private groups hosted on Facebook. Therefore, our Community will close on February 5th, 2018.You probably have questions and we’ve done our best to address some below:Q. If the community closes, then what does it mean for classes? A. Nothing! You'll still have access to all of the classes in your account. And we’ll still provide the same great classes and events as before. We’ll just ask our current members and students to join us and connect with us in our private groups.If you have a question related to a class that does NOT have a private group/membership, you’ll want to connect with the instructor directly via the email address in their classroom. Or contact us at Student Support and we'll be happy to provide any instructor’s email address if you need it.Q. If the community closes, then what does it mean for future challenges and contests? A. We will no longer host challenges or contests after January 31, 2018.Q. If the community closes, then what does it mean for old conversations from previous/retired classes? What about layouts in the gallery?You’ll want to screenshot or save any messages, threads, or images that you’d like to refer back to or keep before we close our community on February 5th, 2018. Once the community closes, gallery images and forum topics will no longer be available or accessible.If you have a question regarding the closing of our community that wasn’t addressed above, please connect with us at Student Support. We’ll be happy to address your concerns directly.That concludes the changes Scrapaneers has planned for 2018. We look forward to bringing you more great classes this year that empower, educate and inspire you and your digital scrapbooking.Sincerely,Tiffany Tillman-EmanuelScrapaneers Owner
  25. Thanks Kathy! I can't believe you have trouble with templates. I often think of them as a springboard for something else. I love templates!!! I often combine multiples to one page. I am sure you will do awesome!
  26. That sounds awesome! Maybe one day you will learn to love those layouts. I used to hate clustering, couldn't do it at all, but now I find them easy. They say practice practice practice!!
  27. I think a lot of people feel the same way. It does make for a very clean looking page though.
  28. Optimism

    A facebook header created for a challenge in Gingerscraps. I used Joyful Easter by Connie Prince Designs and the art journaling techniques from December to showcase the word I have chosen to drive me though 2018.
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