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  2. Beautiful page! Love the white space and the old photo (how about that old car??)
  3. Gorgeous heritage layout!!
  4. The clustering caught my attention. I can't stop staring at it. It's really pretty
  5. I really how the BW photos are being used with the wood paper. Great composition.
  6. Gorgeous page all the white space and the beautiful cluster
  7. I love how this looks in the frame. Lovely layout!!!
  8. That's soo cool!!!
  9. I don't like anything pumpkin. ROFL
  10. I love that this looks like a newsletter. Awesome clean graphic design
  11. This is gorgeous! Your shadowing is spot on! Perfect!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Cassie that is so funny..but I think really sweet.
  14. Pumpkin Spice Latte...I spent quite a lot of money at Starbucks during this time!
  15. my other hobby is reading. I love reading romance novels. I go to book conventions to meet authors! I've met just about everyone that I've wanted to meet.
  16. This really caught my eye! I have been thinking that using this type of layout in a family LifeStory book would really be a neat way to show the photos. And especially love the Now and Then part of the layout -- it really ties it all together!
  17. Such a beautiful layout! Love the pictures but it's the story that really brings it all together! I bet there might be a newspaper article or two written about her! Try Chronicling America to see if you find anything. Good hunting!
  18. As I just said on Facebook, I love your layout and how it looks like a shadowbox! What a great way to show off the photo. It looks like there is surely a story behind this photo... Are they moving to a new country (the plane in the background) or a vacation trip? Being a mother of four, I can only imagine flying with six children!
  19. As I said on Facebook, I really love your layout and especially the photo! I hope that you are able to dive a bit into the history of your grandparents. This is the best time to be able to pull up information with all the digital aids available to us! Let me know what stories you find!
  20. Those family books are a really wonderful jumping off place -- especially if you can locate where you might tie in at. I know that my parent-in-laws have a Kerr book that they purchased some years ago that gives some background on the crest and the history of the Kerr's in Scotland. For Christmas a few years ago, I found a place to order Kerr tartan scarves and got one for everyone in my family so they would recognize the Kerr tartan. Funny thing is that my husband was traveling in London last year and after a day of meetings, they stopped into a restaurant that also had a pub attached. Guess what the carpet was covered with? Yep... the Kerr tartan! The pub was owned by a Kerr family and I received a text message with a photo of the floor of a restaurant! My husband had recognized it immediately because he had seen the tartan scarf before. Sorry to bore you with my own story, but the thing is that you don't know what things are out there just waiting for you to find them, if you don't do the exploration to find it all! I have had people tell me that they actually live only a few miles away from where their Indiana Pioneer ancestors lived and they never knew it. If they had never researched about their family, they would have never ever known! Now they have a priceless bit of information that they can pass down. I hope that you enjoy your exploration into your family's history! I love your page and how you tell about your interest in this book and it would make a great introduction to a book with all your findings. I hope you find lots of things and that it brings you as great a happiness as it has me!
  21. Gorgeous! I love the clean, white space with those fantastic shadows! WHat a cool photo to have!
  22. The Wee's

    Yesterdays Etc by Danyale Off the Wall page frames by Lynne Marie
  23. Heritage.jpg

    created with this month's Champions Kit "Yesterdays" by Etc. by Danyale This is a old picture (I don't know from when it is) with my grandmother (who died years ago) and her husband (who died before I was born).
  24. You are so lucky to have that. That's one thing that is hard for me....we don't have a lot of records or photos. YOur page is gorgeous and I love the photo center stage
  25. Okay so what do you do when you've had "one of those" days! Do you dwell in the horrible-ness or try to let it go? What do you do to get you out of the funk!!!?
  26. I love reading too. I haven't read in a while though. Just can't seem to find the time. But once I dive in, I'm the same, I just need one more chapter.
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