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  2. Finished the front page of the heritage album
  3. Speaking of big ticket items, one yer when we were on vacation in Las Vegas over Black Friday, hubby and I bought a washer and dryer. The sales people thought we were very strange wanting it delivered to Michigan. It was an awesome deal.
  4. What a great page! I love how you journaled about your traditions and memories shared around the table! What neat idea to have so many pies, both savory and sweet!
  5. Aaaaaah and the penny finally drops. I never knew why there was a Black Friday, Now I understand that it's for those people that are well prepared to buy big ticket(or not so big) items at a great price for Christmas. It has now started in South Africa as well, but it's just a sales gimmick here and there are no GREAT deals. I, as a consumer want to see 40% or more off on an item before I deem it a good deal. I do shop online on Cyber Monday.
  6. Gorgeous page. She looks like a goddess. Very dreamy.
  7. Awesome, awesome awesome. Love everything about this.
  8. Just lovely. Great color grading.
  9. Love all the flowers along the "garden path" Great page.
  10. Yesterday
  11. It depends, with my husband (ever the optimist) I tend to be a pessimist, or as I like to call it, the voice of reality!
  12. I don't like crowds so I've never done Black Friday. I do shop online but I've been trying to pay cash for Christmas the last couple of years so that requires going to stores. If I don't get started soon though I'll be fighting crowds or buying everyone gift cards at Sam's or the grocery store. Eek!
  13. OMG we've hit week for in our project scrap timeline. I am seriously blown away how quickly time has flown. I've gotten to more pages done, these are from our breakfast the Crystal Palace. I've started doing most of my disney pages in PL format so I can do more and more pages in a quicker time. It's slowly coming along. I hope with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up I can get more pages done as I have a few days off from work! How is everyone else doing?
  14. Guess I'm the first done this time... Thanksgiving Pies anyone?
  15. 2017 Nov 15 Challenge

    After we moved to our new house, I decided to try making pies for Thanksgiving instead of turkey because we don't have family in town and are usually by ourselves for the holiday. There was no sense in making a huge bird. It turned out to be a success. One daughter complained and wanted turkey, but we've been doing this for the past 4 years, and now she asks what kind of pies we will have.
  16. Last week
  17. I couldn't agree more. We have run into some really rude security people. I know they have to do their job but they could be nice. I have never had a job where I would or could treat people like that. I like the sights along the way too. One year we drove up through Canada and then down through Vermont and continued south, visiting a total of 17 states. Although some of the states we just drove through, we stopped in most of them and got to see many wonderful places. I would love to do that again.
  18. I'm Waiting

    Scrapaneers Champions tutorial Fantasize It with Rene Kit: Lil Fantasy by Holliewood Studios Extras: Dove from Doudou S Design On the Road Again, and word art from Cali Design Princess in her Towe Model: Winter Stock I by Reine-Haru at DeviantArt
  19. I hate flying. I'd rather drive. I like to see the sights along the way. We did fly to Seattle in September. I slept on the plane ride there - we had to be at the airport at 3am! And I dozed on the way back, and read. My munchkin slept too. I hate all the things listed above, and the fact that you have to show up way early before your flight because somehow the airlines have no idea how quickly they process people through security? Or how long it takes to get bags scanned? And yet, the majority of bags are on the plane, not under it, and by this point, they should have an idea of the time it takes. Could you imagine showing up at a restaurant 2 hours before your reservation and just hanging out? Or going to the movie theater 2 hours before the movie? Now that there's reserved seats, we show up about 10 minutes before it starts. We are actually considering cruising to Hawaii because we hate to fly so much!
  20. I am a pharmacist and used to work at a 24 hour store, so I know all about working on thanksgiving. Now they ask for volunteers. If they don't get enough shifts covered, they draw names for people to work. I have gotten lucky and have not had to work the past two years.
  21. Yes. Totally. I hate that. For me, I don't find the deals as good. So, it hasn't been worth my time. I'm fine staying home and seeing what movies pop up on Amazon for cheap. I already have a gift for DH, and my son bought. And most of my kids stocking done. DH wants to build a seltzer water thing out of a keg, so I don't think that's going to be Black Friday shopping. And I'm hoping Amazon has a coupon for books again this year.
  22. Gorgeousness!!
  23. Wonderful layout, very mysterious. I like your keyhole and rusty textures.
  24. Fun and funny! I love your fantasy layout. You did a great job creating a fantasy world. Nice job on the extraction too.
  25. I am a TOTAL Black Fridayer! I get ALL my shopping done & out of the way! I am all about the planning & have gotten some great deals in the process! The last few years, I've done about 50% online tho- so that changes things a bit. THIS year- we are out of town (flying to my uncles' in Phoenix) so that really hinders my BF shopping. I will probably do ALL online this year.
  26. All our stuff is in the basement (tree included!) and my hubby lovey had surgery on his ankle- so it's the kids & I hauling it up... we'll see how we do! In years' past- I left it mostly decorated & just carried it downstairs & threw a tree cover over the top! This year, we have a new tree that I got right after Christmas last year since our lights were all burnt out & broken on our old one!
  27. We're doing it today/tomorrow!
  28. Congrats on getting your photo of the day book caught up! What an accomplishment!
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