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Every time Christmas rolls around, I like to visit malls, department stores, gift shops... Basically, I just like to go shopping.

It's because not only are more things being sold, but also because stores like to go all out on decorations during the Christmas season.

I took photos of many kinds of styles and arranged three of them around a Christmas tree.

There's a traditional style, a modern style, and even a local styles: the photo on the left was taken in an airport in Maui, Hawaii.

Does it look fun?

Thank you for looking (^0^)/


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Taking photos around town of Christmas decorations is a great idea, not only does it give you ideas for decorating at home, it makes a great scrapbook layout. This turned out great. I like the fact that the photos all have the same warm sepia color which makes them work well together and surprisingly, stand out among the bright papers and elements on your page. Christmasy and fun. Well done!

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Love the warm glow around the star and the photos are great.  Coming from South Africa I can relate to "different" decorations to match with a warmer climate.

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I love how you used the paint and paper to create this beautiful layout.  And what a great idea about documenting Christmas decor!

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