Ok, this was made following the January 2017 instructions up to adding retro style badges.

At that point, I had to add a bit of my own style back with some simple layering in the corner that complimented the colours (elements from Early Autumn by Sunrise Studios - retired).

Would love some constructive design feedback...

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I actually really like the look of it with the halftone color and the big photo even without the texture. :)  I could see some texturing on the left side since the cluster and the enhanced text on the right draws the eye there. Perhaps adding a bit of grungy texture on the left to add to the guy vibe from that great photo. :)

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Wow, I love your page!  The photo is so nice and I love that you added a cluster in the corner.  And I love the blue...wanted to do blue myself...maybe on the next one!  Great job.

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