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I modeled this one after my favorite TV series - Switched at Birth. The show is about two teenage girls who discover they've been switched at birth in the hospital. They're totally different from each other - one rich, the other underprivileged, one deaf, the other hearing, etc but they (and their families) learn to adapt to their differences and grow to love and appreciate each other for who they are and the experiences that made them that way. 

I decided to make my page about  my daughters and how different they are. They're 100% biological siblings, same mom, same dad but boy are they ever different! Not just looks alone but their personalities too. My oldest is bold, outgoing, a brainiac know it all, loves math and science and loves to cook, never wants to be alone, sleeps the bare minimum and is a vegetarian by choice. My youngest is quiet, reserved and loves nothing more than to spend the day at home, away from people. She loves to write and is a wonderful artist who is a self proclaimed "MEAT EATER!" (and she really is!) who often asks if it's bed time yet and whines when it's time to wake up. 

My girls are different as night and day and each one of them keeps me on my toes for different reasons! BUT despite their differences, they're still the best of friends. I personally think that being the military family that we are encourages, and pretty much requires, that they be best of friends since we're so often leaving out other friends behind. I hope they always nurture their relationship, appreciating and encouraging differences and enjoying their few similarities together too! 

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Really like the layout, what a cute idea!!  I understand about your girls, mine were the same way!!!

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Cute idea and I can see the poster inspiration. Thanks for providing the story that goes with the layout. Love your title and the girls are beautiful.

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Adorable! I love the story you provided along with it too! I've always thought about- what would another child have looked like or what personality traits would another have... because like you said- they are all so different! :)

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This is so sweet, Cassie!  It's a beautiful page and I love your inspiration and the description of your girls themselves personalities. 

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