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This Is Your Life

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As I send my daughter off to college, I am full of hope for her future. I expect good things for her. I want to give her one last bit of parental advice. :)

Kit-6 Simple Rules by Shawna Clingerman

Stamps-Spring Tide 1 & 2-Tangie Baxter

Glitter Disorder-Tangie Baxter

Kit-You Make Me Smile, Colab at The Lily-Pad, Paper by K. Hadfield.

Background paper-PillowGirl

Retro Stamp-Michelle Coleman

Stamp and paint splatter by DBD Designs

Dream sticker by WM^2

Fonts: 28 Days Later, Niagara Engraved Regular, 1942 Report, Agency FB Bold, akaFrivolity, Blackoak Standard 


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