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Into the Woods

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Being "trapped" in the NOVA suburbs, nature can be a bit hard to come by for this coun try gal, but watching my baby touch tree-bark in awe really puts things in perspective.

Note- the papers are the white, pink and kraft paper, but the kraft already had the stencil pattern on it for the print, it is not additional embellishment. The type treatment is the font and blending and layering modes I used for into the woods ( a lot of work to get that simple design lol) and the embellishments are the two word strips, leaves, twine wrap (which has the brad attached as one embellishment, I did not add that) and the pin hole border I made from brushes.



Little Bullet Wings/Studio Basic: Campscape Brandy Murphy: Road Map Mommyish Designs Pin Hole Brushes and Styles Traci Reed Date Brushes Just Jaimee CU Gesso Textures, Hop kit Dinskip M3 April 17 add on paper Font: Dallon, Montreal Script Updat

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There's something about this page that feels just like a vintage childhood. The colors, the innocence, who knows but it reminds me of simpler times and just makes me smile. I love the angle from which you've taken the photo and the strings "holding" it down! :)

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