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Give me away


Digital Scrapbook Ingredients and Kristin Cronin-Barrow - Get festive St Patrick's day kiss me or not font


© Michelle Morales Photography

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26 minutes ago, Katherine Engelhardt said:

I like your sequence of photos. They flow so nicely. Well done! Side note: Daddy's are never really ready to give up their daughters but they do want them to be happy. :)

Haha I know! It's just how I felt in the moment, or I like to think he thought that.

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27 minutes ago, JustTrace said:

Your shadowing is amazing!

Wow thank you Trace! You made my day! I spent a while tweaking them for this challenge knowing how important they are.

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Really beautiful! Love how the 2 first photos are more zoomed out and then the last picture is a closer picture of you and your dad. Also love how your title and journaling are opposite of each other. Well done with this challenge! 

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