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New York City

Back in 2015, I decided to fly my husband out to meet me in NYC at the tail end of one of my business trips to Boston to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary.  We didn't realize that our trip coincided with the first ever NYC pride parade.  The city was super crazy that weekend and I took a few photos to commemorate it.  As you can imagine, there was lots of color.  We also took a circle line tour on the water, where I was able to capture a few good shots of the Statue of Liberty. 

Technique:  The SOL is extracted and highly processed using a sketch action I created and brushing in both the sketch and color photos.  I also posterized the photo after I adjusted the vibrancy/saturation. The shadow is blended in with a brush to make it appear rooted to the page at the bottom, symbolizing how liberty is the foundation of our country.  The other photo is repeated 3 times. Each instance has multiple layers that are brushed (I thought the "One Way" sign was also pretty symbolic).  For the title work, I reflected "New York City" to symbolize that these photos are a reflection of our time.  I wanted to show that there are many conflicting views on this topic, so the text, photos, etc are all at different angles/perspectives. 

Different Strokes by Fei-fei's Stuff (brushes)
Paper Textures No. 4 by Anna Aspnes 
Blended background paper (I forgot to note the designer, sorry!)

Font: Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold

Thanks for looking!

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I knew this was your before clicking! You are incredible and so fantastic in ALL genres of styles. This is fantastic! I can't even begin to word how talented I think you are. Thank you for inspiring me!

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9 hours ago, sssnoo said:

Beautiful page -- just one note -- the first NYC pride parade was in 1970.  They started it off that year with a march commemorating the Stonewall riots.   But glad you saw the 45th parade!



You're absolutely right, it was the first parade since the legalization of same-sex marriage, not the first parade ever.  It looks like the Supreme Court decision came in the day before.   When I was there, I just kept hearing "first" ... clearly I need to pay better attention to the details!  Thanks for the compliment on my page! 

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