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My entry

I used brushes made by me using Caran d'aches Neo color 2 aquarel sticks) and a skribble also by me

Water color action of Seven Styles

Anna Aspnes Jazzed up Loop da loops #3 , #4and  #5( some only the lights), APP Find my Way (Frame), Artist Edge # 1, Living well (brush set), Lace Textures 1, Scriptease love #1, Spackle textured #1, scritease Happiness Overlays #1

Brush set Free art Ample, Potpourri paper 1, Fabric textures #1, Wise Words

NKB designs:  Family Story Magic Lights Artsy bitts (birds Overlay),  Candy Crush loopilaloozas, 

Jopke Desings (Jopke van Dongen) Mix Unlimited 2 (brushes), 3600 pixels Overlay

On a whimsical Adventure What  if you can fly (text overlay)

Angie Young Be your own Hero (Egde overlay)

, Textur Paint backgroundsCourtney Designs Urban Sprawl (splatter)


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