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Heirloom tomatoes


Well -  all brushes and actions -- over 80 layers.  I guess you can still tell these are tomatoes, but you cannot find the original photo anymore.  Is this abstract art?  It is to me.  Perhaps it is more representational than some consider abstract -  I don't know.  But it is what it is.  I used brushes by:


Just Jaimee -- Dynamic brushes, Geometric, Stripes and watercolor.


NMB brushes and styles  from Autumn WHispers, Intuitive, Make a Wish and Be Kind


Also -  Anna Aspnes - APP Wildernes Slatter


I started with Joanne Brisbois' plain white watercolor paper.  

I definitely stretched my brush skills on this -  first I did a lot of work on the photo; highly modifying it with filters lauers, blending etc.  Then I painted and styled away -  there is no end to these LO's I found.


It's a wrap.  Thanks for the challenges -- 

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