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Those family books are a really wonderful jumping off place -- especially if you can locate where you might tie in at. I know that my parent-in-laws have a Kerr book that they purchased some years ago that gives some background on the crest and the history of the Kerr's in Scotland.

For Christmas a few years ago, I found a place to order Kerr tartan scarves and got one for everyone in my family so they would recognize the Kerr tartan. Funny thing is that my husband was traveling in London last year and after a day of meetings, they stopped into a restaurant that also had a pub attached. Guess what the carpet was covered with? Yep... the Kerr tartan! The pub was owned by a Kerr family and I received a text message with a photo of the floor of a restaurant! My husband had recognized it immediately because he had seen the tartan scarf before. 

Sorry to bore you with my own story, but the thing is that you don't know what things are out there just waiting for you to find them, if you don't do the exploration to find it all! I have had people tell me that they actually live only a few miles away from where their Indiana Pioneer ancestors lived and they never knew it. If they had never researched about their family, they would have never ever known! Now they have a priceless bit of information that they can pass down.

I hope that you enjoy your exploration into your family's history! I love your page and how you tell about your interest in this book and it would make a great introduction to a book with all your findings. I hope you find lots of things and that it brings you as great a happiness as it has me!


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Gorgeousness Aimee! I, too, wish my grandmother was still here. Not only to love on her, but to listen to her life's stories. It's funny, the older I got, the more interested in my heritage I became.

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