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Jessica Knorr
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December Champions Art Journaling
Capture Life - Tracie Stroud

I could not choose just one word for the year so my three tie into each other. I chose DREAM as my main word for 2018. I chose it becausse the last several years Ive not really allowed myself to dream about what I want in life or from life. I really hope that I can do that this year coming up. Just to not be afraid of the bad that seems to lurk around the corner and let myself hope for better. Second word tied into dream is SUCCEED. I can hope and dream about what I want all day long but I also want to put my mind into succeeding at what I am dreaming of doing. Because of all the bad we have had in the last several years I just want to look at the chances and put forth more effort into succeeding. Last word LOVE is to remind me that even if its an up year or down I have lots of love in my life and when those down moments come that I hope to remind myself of that love.

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Your AJ page turned out wonderfully.  I like how you blended both cool and warm colors into your LO.  They don't clash at all, but compliment beautifully.  I feel like your page has a dreamy quality, too. Well done!

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