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    • I hae an iPhone 5 I think it is.. I am not an app person so I don't do any photo fixing on my phone.. I do it all in PS. Sorry I am not much help.   
    • I love the way you included the poster in your layout. Thanks for the inspiration!
    • This was a tough one for me! Not my favorite style- but still ended up liking my layout! My Poster:   My Layout:
    • I've had the urge to switch to Iphone from android- but I would lose all the apps I've paid for! I've just recently dove into the app scrapping thing & there are some really good work-arounds for android. I have done some research & so far I've been happy with Pixellab & Phonto as well as Piclab studio (and of course the project life app!) I need to figure out how I will store my kits tho- as I have them all on my ehd- which my phone does not have access to remotely.  When I was on a trip last week- I figured out ahead of time what kits/cards to use & put them in my dropbox. I also don't keep all my photos on my phone- but they can be easily accessed with Google Photos. Hope that helps- don't feel like you HAVE to switch to Iphone- but if you're upgrading already...  
    • After watching the Art of the Apps 2 with Kelly Sill, I found that most of the good apps only work with iphones. I would love to use the scrapbooking apps that Kelly taught. I also want a better camera on my phone. Mine is almost useless. I have an Android and not a very good one. It was a cheap one that uses Nokia cards and not a service like AT&T. So I am wondering what service provider in the best and least expensive. Any thoughts? Also, if you have an iphone, do you love it?