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  1. Kat, you should totally watch the most recent seasons with Peter Capauldi. He reminds me of the episodes I've seen with John Pertwee as the doctor: Cranky and ornery because the humans are acting stupid.
  2. The show started back in the 60's on BBC and eventually went off the air. It was revived in 2005. If you have never watched any of the show before, I would probably watch a few of the Christmas specials to see if it's the kind of thing you like to watch. They are available for streaming on amazon prime. The Doctor is a humanoid alien who can travel through time. He travels with a human companion in a ship shaped like a police box because the camouflage circuit was broken, and he never fixed it. If he is near death, he is able to regenerate and change into a new body. He travels the universe in his box saving people and aliens who are in trouble. You can probably start anywhere in the show, not necessarily at the beginning. You may miss references and nuances that harken earlier episodes, but not the whole plot. One of my favorite episodes is Blink. Season 4 or 5 is a decent place to start. Each doctor and companion have different personalities and bring their own energy to the roles, so you will find you like some seasons better than others. The actors change every couple seasons, and any big story arc that was happening is generally ended with the actor change.
  3. Anyone following Doctor Who this season? Wow! I won't give any spoilers. Great end to this Doctor's time. I was also happy for Bill.
  4. Well, I will continue to work on my 2011-2012 scrapbook. Since it is such a huge project, I will aim to finish at least 12 pages this round.
  5. 2017 July Champions Simple Scrap

    Little different take on the simple scrapbooking. I love to use my photos and have the papers accent the rest. Credits: Party Rockers by Amanda Heiman Designs Digi Files from the Daily Digi; Fonts: Bebas Neue Regular, Mark My Words
  6. I switched around background papers and added elements to my template. Another page down in the 2012 scrapbook.
  7. 2017 July Challenge

    Used a template by Tigerconn's Scrap Designs (2011) Kit: 95 Days of Summer Fun by Sarah Jones Alpha was made into a font using FontSelf
  8. We plan to go to Old World for the July 4th celebration: one of the kids' favorite places. Maybe we'll run into each other sometime!
  9. Thank you! Hope everyone has a great Independence Day and you Canadian friends had a good Canada Day!
  10. I usually have too many pictures of an event to do a single page. LOL
  11. I used the Champions technique from this month and recolored the kit to fit the challenge. Busy last couple of months! Glad I was able to get a page done.
  12. June 2017 Challenge (and Champions)

    Using the Champions technique from June 2017 and the kit, I created this page. To make it fit the challenge, I recolored the elements using the swatch from this month.
  13. There is also a service called Ting that is a pay what you use service, similar to tracphone. No charges for overages, they just bump your charge up to the next tier.
  14. Thanks Kathy! Nice birthday present for me
  15. March 2017 Champions Jigsaw

    Kit: Paris in Spring from Champions April 2016 Updated after clinic suggestions. I may try to find some elements to completely finish it off