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  1. Guess I'm the first done this time... Thanksgiving Pies anyone?
  2. 2017 Nov 15 Challenge

    After we moved to our new house, I decided to try making pies for Thanksgiving instead of turkey because we don't have family in town and are usually by ourselves for the holiday. There was no sense in making a huge bird. It turned out to be a success. One daughter complained and wanted turkey, but we've been doing this for the past 4 years, and now she asks what kind of pies we will have.
  3. I've done quite a few food pages in the past, even writing a letter to chocolate chip cookie dough. This will be fun.
  4. Here's my page for this challenge! I finished my huge book project on a scrapbook retreat I got to go on end of October. Now I'm only 5 years "behind" in pages and printed books. LOL
  5. 2017 Nov 1 Challenge Favorite

    A simple page for my then 3-year-old daughter. I try to record each of their favorites for every birthday year, but it's hit or miss. I don't have credits for this page because before I could run my credit script, I ran a group action not realizing it would flatten all the pages I had been working on! Oops.
  6. I was inspired by:
  7. 2017 Oct 1 Challenge

    I was inspired by If you leave some love, also leave remarks of things that could be improved. Thank you!
  8. Thank you! Love the challenges. They keep me trying new skills and getting pages done
  9. Haven't read this yet, but my husband has been really impressed with Sharon Kay Penman so far. 99% of the books he suggests for me, like. If you like historical fiction, check this out:
  10. 2017 Sept 15 Challenge

    I was inspired by the blue and food on the mood board. I used Tiffany's Scrap Focus It's Elemental mini class to instruct me on clustering.
  11. I've had a Champions membership for a little over a year now. Any classes you would recommend specifically? I have done most from this year, some of previous years. I have Scrap Focus also, but that seems to be mostly on layout, not cluster design.
  12. Gallery Entry Another page down in my 2011/2012 book. Perhaps with the increased challenges I can get my book done before the end of the year!
  13. 2017 Sept 1 Challenge

    Elements: 3 leaves, 1, journal card, 2 labels, 1 ribbon, 1 string, 4 flowers, 1 lace doily, 1 accordion fold circle, 1 frame, 1 button If you tell me something you like, also tell me at least one thing you would change to make it better. Any good resources on how to put together clusters? I don't like how mine turn out.
  14. Thank you! Looking forward to new classes to use this on!