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  1. Oops, posted in the gallery and forgot to link up here! I was too preoccupied with my excitement of getting more than one page done today.
  2. Here is mine. Thanks for letting me sneak in an entry!
  3. I am getting an error 500 server error when I try to upload my image to the gallery. Will send a support ticket.
  4. Guess I'm the first done this time... Thanksgiving Pies anyone?
  5. I've done quite a few food pages in the past, even writing a letter to chocolate chip cookie dough. This will be fun.
  6. Here's my page for this challenge! I finished my huge book project on a scrapbook retreat I got to go on end of October. Now I'm only 5 years "behind" in pages and printed books. LOL
  7. I was inspired by:
  8. Thank you! Love the challenges. They keep me trying new skills and getting pages done
  9. Gallery Entry Another page down in my 2011/2012 book. Perhaps with the increased challenges I can get my book done before the end of the year!
  10. Thank you! Looking forward to new classes to use this on!
  11. I've been busy working on layouts for the MOS Tournament and totally forgot about Project Scrap. August has been so busy! I've finished all the pages for each style, but missed entering last week's competitions because we were off camping. Oh well! It has been fun to try each style. I have confirmed I am NOT a minimalist scrapper. There is too much empty space. How do you restrain yourself and not put more on that page? Why bother printing a page that isn't filled up?
  12. And, I squeezed in one more page tonight...
  13. Only 1 page done this week towards my goal. I've been working on my competition pages (which haven't included photos of 2011-2012).