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  1. 2017 Sept 15 Challenge

    I was inspired by the blue and food on the mood board. I used Tiffany's Scrap Focus It's Elemental mini class to instruct me on clustering.
  2. I've had a Champions membership for a little over a year now. Any classes you would recommend specifically? I have done most from this year, some of previous years. I have Scrap Focus also, but that seems to be mostly on layout, not cluster design.
  3. Gallery Entry Another page down in my 2011/2012 book. Perhaps with the increased challenges I can get my book done before the end of the year!
  4. 2017 Sept 1 Challenge

    Elements: 3 leaves, 1, journal card, 2 labels, 1 ribbon, 1 string, 4 flowers, 1 lace doily, 1 accordion fold circle, 1 frame, 1 button If you tell me something you like, also tell me at least one thing you would change to make it better. Any good resources on how to put together clusters? I don't like how mine turn out.
  5. Thank you! Looking forward to new classes to use this on!
  6. One of my favorite pictures this summer
  7. Martin Eclectic.jpg

    The girls were all into exploring the pond, field, and stream this summer. It was so much fun seeing what they would bring home to show me. Elements: Butterflies, Staples, Birds, Buttons, Journal Cards, Stars, Flowers, Leaves, Bows, Frames
  8. That's what digital is for. You can always change it
  9. I've been busy working on layouts for the MOS Tournament and totally forgot about Project Scrap. August has been so busy! I've finished all the pages for each style, but missed entering last week's competitions because we were off camping. Oh well! It has been fun to try each style. I have confirmed I am NOT a minimalist scrapper. There is too much empty space. How do you restrain yourself and not put more on that page? Why bother printing a page that isn't filled up?
  10. I showed my kids an episode of the Smurfs because they had no idea what it was...made me feel old.
  11. I like your pun. I thought you might have actually made the hexagon pattern based on the vitamin c formula. I just looked it up–it doesn't look like it. Still an eye-catching page. Nice job
  12. Martin Traditionalist.jpg

    Getting some beautiful weather in Wisconsin! Caught my daughter on camera enjoying herself outside.
  13. Geometrist

    My geometrist page: As soon as I saw the Champions' kit this month, I knew what color scheme I wanted. I LOVE this kit. I think it will be featured in many of my future pages. The color palette is wonderful! Anyway, my page that didn't make it into the competition. Shapes used: rectangle, triangles, diamonds