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  1. Thanks Kathy! Nice birthday present for me
  2. March 2017 Champions Jigsaw

    Kit: Paris in Spring from Champions April 2016 Updated after clinic suggestions. I may try to find some elements to completely finish it off
  3. April 2017 Challenge

    I used for inspiration. Did some extraction and perspective warp on some photos, still need to hone content aware skills to fill in some spots. Also used Tiffany's Guide to Shadowing as instruction to create the shadows.
  4. Thanks! What a great surprise to come home to after a weekend scrapbook retreat
  5. Nice page. I love the big photos and flow of the page.
  6. You could make this into wall art for your home. Everything looks great all put together.
  7. March 2017 Champions Jigsaw

    Not quite sure I like how this turned out. I like the general layout, but something doesn't quite look right. Should I turn some photos black and white or maybe the color of the swatches from the kit? Perhaps a color border around the #1? Any suggestions?
  8. Love the watercolor look of your design! What class did you use as inspiration?
  9. Thanks for the recipe! Here's mine:
  10. 2017 Mar Challenge

    Pretty Petals by Studio Flergs available at Scrapbookgraphics; Fonts: Pacifico,Arial-Black
  11. I'm not done yet, but I'm a lot closer than when I started. Included is a collage of my pages for the past couple weeks. Year books are big projects, but that's the way I like to chronicle
  12. Learning from the Scrap Focus class. It helps that I was able to capture these silly, beautiful faces!
  13. Congrats Skivvy! Welcome to the forum. Loved your layout.
  14. Do you use photoshop? If so, I can send you an action I created to resize the files. Message me your email if you'd like it.