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  1. I loved it when Ali Edwards said that journaling is words on pages. I have been SO busy lately so I decided a page conveying the craziness would be perfect for this challenge. Seems like a theme with me lately. How many more years until I can retire?
  2. 052017-BusyMay-Web.jpg

    I used a lot of brushes, mostly from Scrapaneers classes, but a few others here and there. The calendars are from Rosey Posey Studios, and the blended background paper and camera sketch are from MyDesignDeals & DesignCuts.
  3. I have an iPhone. I took the first Art of the Apps class, and was completely surprised at how much I can do with my phone. It inspired me to scrapbook the story of my library. I'm a high school library media specialist, and this year I have scrapped a page with my phone over what happened in the library for nearly every week. I post these to social media for students and parents. I don't have much of a following for them, but I love knowing that I'll have a great record of the year beyond the usual statistics. It also gives me a great excuse to scrapbook at work. ;-) LetterGlow is AMAZING, and I have started dabbling a little in design because let's face it, NO ONE designs white, black, gray, and red elks.
  4. Here's what I chose . . . And here's mine . . .
  5. 051913-OrchestraBanquet-w.jpg

    Kit used is Libby Pritchett's One Time At Band Camp.
  6. 050811-Cousins.jpg

    Kit used is Created By Jill's Perfectly Imperfect. I was going to make the photos black & white like in the videos, but I think the title would have been too strong. It still might be, but I felt the colors in the photos helped break it up and scatter the focus. Hmmm. I enjoyed this month - it was challenging. I especially liked the strategies for "breaking the rules." As two-time Scrap Focus student, I got the rules down (for the most part) so it was fun learning why pages still work without following the rules.
  7. Here's mine . . .
  8. 020301-Ducks-p.jpg

    Kit used is Kawouette's Brand New Day.
  9. 030217-diorama-w.jpg

    I kind of went off on a tangent with this one. Kits used include: Shawna Clingerman & Studio Basic’s Instalove Created by Jill’s Artistic Abandon & Artistically Speaking Juliana Kneipp’s Grandma’s Beauty Captivated Visions’ Fluent in Sarcasm Kristen Cronin Barrow’s DIY Renovate Jenn Barrette’s At the Thrift Shop
  10. The hardest part about this challenge was finding a subject for which I had multiple photos. :-)
  11. 2000-SanJuans.jpg

    Kit used is Captivated Visions' Not How the Story Ends
  12. I want to finish my wedding album/coffee table book. It was WAY too expensive when I got married (2001) to have done. Now I can do it myself, but I need to get scanning. No digital pictures back then.
  13. 031115 ChampionsJan17

    This one went through several versions. I tried the cutouts as demonstrated in the final video, but I wasn't happy with how they looked. In the end I decided to go with more of a record album art look. The mint green paper is from the papers included with this month's Champions kit - Vintage Flea Market Papers by LJS Designs.
  14. Here's my entry. :-) Credits are in the gallery.
  15. 011903 SJanChallengeWeb

    I went way back in my photo stash for one of my favorite photos of my niece and nephew. All supplies from Created by Jill's Life Is.