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  1. Fun! I love using circles.
  2. 092917-Sightseeing.jpg

    Kind of a hot mess, but I like it anyway. I love using circles on pages! Kits used are from the Mixed Media Monthly subscription at TLP: June 2017 - Difference Grace Acceptance and November 2017 - Circus Juggling Performing
  3. I still found myself drawn to a "busy" solid paper and a paint element with lots in it for ONE of my elements. Minimalist is SO hard! Thanks for the challenge.
  4. 122517-ChristmasSelfie.jpg

    I used elements and papers from Winter Magic.
  5. Here's mine . . .
  6. 5a2c8b4a08be6-AWintersTale.jpg

    I used White Christmas by Traci Reed & Meghan Mullins, Worn Page Edges 2 by Lynne Grieveson, and a splatter brush from Just Jaimee.
  7. I lifted this one . . . and created this one . . .
  8. 092917-JacksonSquare.jpg

    I used Just Jaimee's July Storyteller 2016, Created by Jill's Sisters Are Forever & Momsense, Erica Zane from Memories in the Making (a SweetShop collab), and Lynn Grieveson's Worn Page Edges No. 2.
  9. fallwithme-Web.jpg

    Finally getting around to August . . . kit used is Studio Flergs' Glamoween.
  10. suzanner-finalentry.jpg

    Minimalist Geometrist Traditionalist Eclectic Free Spirit DayDreamer Shape Shifter Abstractionist
  11. PureJoy.jpg

    I used: Just Jaimee's Storyteller 16 July; Created by Jill's D is for Dad, Anticipation, Just Be, Perfectly Imperfect, Say What?, Momsense, Have I Told You Lately, First Love, *Swoon*, Creative Essentials, & Hello There; Studio Basic's Just the Way You Are, Laugh Often, & Fresh As A Daisy; Studio Flergs' Pieces of Eight & Love Letters; Heather Roselli's A Better Me; Libby Pritchett's Girls Got Game & Hey Girl; Amanda Yi's You Are Fabulous & Life is Bittersweet; Captivated Visions' A Quiet Place; Juliana Kniepp's Grandma's Beauties; Brooke Magee's Love You Deerly; Anna Aspnes's Art Play Natural Instinct; and Mommyish's Make A Wish. Whew! I hope I didn't miss anything.
  12. Bailey

    I used Just Jaimee's Gesso Textures, Juliana Kneipp's Grandma's Beauties, Created by Jill's Feeling Nostalgic, Mishmashed Edges 3, & Life Is, and Studio Basic's Choose Happy: Brushes and Stuff.
  13. A Giraffe Named Jan

    I used Created by Jill's Inner Peace.
  14. Legoland2002.jpg

    I used Summer Stories, a TLP Collaboration.
  15. Hydranonsense.jpg

    This one was SO hard. The tricycle, bird, and hydra are Pixabay photos and the rest are mine.