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  1. I lifted this one . . . and created this one . . .
  2. 092917-JacksonSquare.jpg

    I used Just Jaimee's July Storyteller 2016, Created by Jill's Sisters Are Forever & Momsense, Erica Zane from Memories in the Making (a SweetShop collab), and Lynn Grieveson's Worn Page Edges No. 2.
  3. fallwithme-Web.jpg

    Finally getting around to August . . . kit used is Studio Flergs' Glamoween.
  4. suzanner-finalentry.jpg

    Minimalist Geometrist Traditionalist Eclectic Free Spirit DayDreamer Shape Shifter Abstractionist
  5. PureJoy.jpg

    I used: Just Jaimee's Storyteller 16 July; Created by Jill's D is for Dad, Anticipation, Just Be, Perfectly Imperfect, Say What?, Momsense, Have I Told You Lately, First Love, *Swoon*, Creative Essentials, & Hello There; Studio Basic's Just the Way You Are, Laugh Often, & Fresh As A Daisy; Studio Flergs' Pieces of Eight & Love Letters; Heather Roselli's A Better Me; Libby Pritchett's Girls Got Game & Hey Girl; Amanda Yi's You Are Fabulous & Life is Bittersweet; Captivated Visions' A Quiet Place; Juliana Kniepp's Grandma's Beauties; Brooke Magee's Love You Deerly; Anna Aspnes's Art Play Natural Instinct; and Mommyish's Make A Wish. Whew! I hope I didn't miss anything.
  6. Bailey

    I used Just Jaimee's Gesso Textures, Juliana Kneipp's Grandma's Beauties, Created by Jill's Feeling Nostalgic, Mishmashed Edges 3, & Life Is, and Studio Basic's Choose Happy: Brushes and Stuff.
  7. A Giraffe Named Jan

    I used Created by Jill's Inner Peace.
  8. Legoland2002.jpg

    I used Summer Stories, a TLP Collaboration.
  9. Hydranonsense.jpg

    This one was SO hard. The tricycle, bird, and hydra are Pixabay photos and the rest are mine.
  10. Stop!

    I used A Better Me - A Sweet Shoppe Designs Collaboration, and elements from Libby Pritchett's Weird Boy.
  11. Beautiful! Love it.
  12. She Loved

    I used a lot for this one . . . Little Butterfly Wings papers, Paula Kesselring paper, paints, ephemera, and elements from Little Butterfly Wings, embellishments from KimEric, alphas from Created by Jill & The Shabby Princess, and bling from Lliella Designs.
  13. Generations.jpg

    Background paper is Anna Aspnes Weathered Neutrals, other papers and elements are Libby Pritchett's 2015 Everyday.
  14. I'm not certain what boat that is in the picture - it was just a scenic shot from the shore. Our cruise was on the Golden Princess (Princess Cruises) although my 10 year old (at the time) nephew renamed the boat, "Golden Terminator" while we're on board.