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  1. We are almost done with May already guys! How did that happen?! Summer is almost here and I feel so unprepared! It's my favorite time of year though so I am excited! We are still spending so much time outside it's hard to be motivated to get stuff done on the computer! I have 5 more months of 2016 to get done in the next 2 weeks. So! I will give myself 3 pages for each week and I will add in another if the month was especially awesome that it warrants another spread. How are you guys doing?! Hard to be motivated like I am? Anything else holding you back??
  2. I am a failure at posting the check-in's on time! I hope you are all doing well!! It's such a beautiful time of year around here. I LOVE it! Spring is the best! We have been spending loads of time outside, but I have been able to get some of my 2016 done! When starting Project Scrap I was through April 2016. I have now finished through July so yay! I will update this post with my images (since I haven't gotten them uploaded yet ) once my computer finished installing it's update! How are you guys doing? Have you been able to keep up and get some pages done? Anything holding you up? It's a busy time of year so for me, that's the hardest! I just want to be outside!
  3. Hey guys! Sorry I am a day late posting the check in this week! We have had a rough go the last couple of days so it put me behind here at home! How are you guys doing? Have you been able to get all your supplies needed for your project? Did you run into any issues or frustrations? I was mostly only able to get some photos sorted and organized from 2016 to get ready for my album. It was a hard week/weekend to work due to one of my son's birthdays and some work things! I am on track to get at least two spreads done this week though!
  4. In these next 6 weeks I am going to finish my 2016 family Project Life album. I plan on doing it in the same vein as my 2015 which can be seen here: For 2016 I am using mostly Digital Project Life goodies with a little bit of Paislee Press thrown in there! I keep it really basic. Photos/Cards/words is almost all that I use. Sometimes I will use a digital sticker or two, which is a little more simple than 2015. You can see a few pages here, and I will get some posted the gallery very shortly!
  5. Hi guys! Welcome to the first week of Project Scrap Spring 2017! What is Project Scrap? Find out here. All you need do to get started with Project Scrap Spring 2017: Share in this post below the project you are committed to finishing in 6 weeks -- on Sunday, June 11. Progress Check Ins each week: Every Monday, a new Check-In post will pop up where you can share your progress. Share images you've completed in our gallery. Enable products. Discuss roadblocks. Start new threads. And cheer your fellow Project Scrapper's on. You can also create your own thread to keep track of your progress. Check in anytime during that week by posting an update. Incentives: Your own finished project at the end of 6 weeks! We ALL can win. Each participant will be entered into a random drawing to win a Scrapaneers class of their choice (total $50 value). You must commit to a project in this start thread and share your progress for each week check-in (a total of 5 check-ins) to be eligible for the drawing. Only one 'winner' will be chosen. Share Your Projects: You can also create your own thread to keep track of your progress + images. And you can also add your images in our Project Scrap Gallery Please note: If you add your image to the Project Scrap Gallery first, you can simply copy and paste the URL of the gallery page and our forum will hot-link to your page. Look at my post below for as an example.
  6. That sounds really interesting! I LOVE to read..but read very...fluffy books haha!
  7. Hi suzie! I am not exactly sure what might have happened. At what stage did you apply your shadow styles? When you apply them on a smaller scale background, they will be much heavier (aka higher) than on a 12x12 canvas. When I am saving a page I make my page on my 12x12 canvas > flatten > file > save for web > then resize it there at 700x700 jpeg and lower the quality a bit to be able to upload to galleries. Let me know if that makes sense or if you need more help!
  8. This is so lovely! I adore the sepia photo treatment so much and I love the artsy feel of this!! PERFECT!
  9. oh I like all the ones mentioned! When I think of a recipe challenge it's about having specific numbers for specific things like 2 Photos 3 Papers 5 Flowers 4 buttons something like that..that's just
  10. Congratulations to the winners!!!!!
  11. These are AMAZING! I love the animation you added on your second page and the photos and work perfectly with this! Just so lovely!!!
  12. Soooo pretty! I Adore all the white space and love that you kept this so you! PERFECT!
  13. LOVE this Amie!!! Your use of the brushes is awesome! And yes! I want to frost everything now
  14. I think this is lovely! Even if it isn't your style, it is makes for such a beautiful spread and album! <3 <3
  15. Holly Jolly

    Goodness this was a fun month for Champions I think!! I LOVE layering and things and I learned so much! Anyone else want to frost all the things?! Everything from the December 2016 Champions featuring kit by Katie Pertiet