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  1. Hey guys! I am sorry this is a bit late! I am super excited to announce the winner from Project Scrap Spring! The winner is hollygenc! YAY! I will message you and let you know the details of your prize! Thank you so much for participating and I hope you got lots done!!!
  2. I think this is really cool! I LOVE your photos and the gradient colors work really perfectly!!
  3. Big huge hugs!! I love scrapping like this. It helps me work through things that I am afraid to talk about especially! Your page is beautiful and I am sorry you are so frustrated right now. When I was going through my darkest time, scrapbooking helped me get through it. If it wasn't for memory keeping, I am not sure I would have survived! BIG HUGE HUGS!
  4. Love these colors! I will check my stash and see what I have!
  5. I have been able to do a couple of pages this week so if I can push it this weekend I might get it done! We will see!
  6. This is awesome! great sketch effect on the photo! It all flows really awesome!
  7. soooo fun! I love the photo and the pop of color on this one!
  8. love love love this!!! That large photo is beyond perfect and fit the colors beautifully!! What a great memory too!!
  9. oh this is so lovely!! I love your use of space and the way you framed the masked photo! Perfect!
  10. This is soooooo adorable! Totally made me smile right off the bat!! Precious photo and love the colors and masking!
  11. oh what cute photos!! So bright and happy! this is lovely!!
  12. So...apparently I missed the week 5 check-in and I am so sorry! Ever have one of those weeks where everything just kind of gets thrown at you?! We are debating and going through some major life decisions at the moment and so I have been offline a lot. I am so very sorry! With that being said, I did not get any pages done of any kind done last week so I am at the same spot where I was on Week 4. Hoping I can get it all done this week! We will see! How are you guys? How are you guys doing with your projects??
  13. We are almost done with May already guys! How did that happen?! Summer is almost here and I feel so unprepared! It's my favorite time of year though so I am excited! We are still spending so much time outside it's hard to be motivated to get stuff done on the computer! I have 5 more months of 2016 to get done in the next 2 weeks. So! I will give myself 3 pages for each week and I will add in another if the month was especially awesome that it warrants another spread. How are you guys doing?! Hard to be motivated like I am? Anything else holding you back??
  14. I am a failure at posting the check-in's on time! I hope you are all doing well!! It's such a beautiful time of year around here. I LOVE it! Spring is the best! We have been spending loads of time outside, but I have been able to get some of my 2016 done! When starting Project Scrap I was through April 2016. I have now finished through July so yay! I will update this post with my images (since I haven't gotten them uploaded yet ) once my computer finished installing it's update! How are you guys doing? Have you been able to keep up and get some pages done? Anything holding you up? It's a busy time of year so for me, that's the hardest! I just want to be outside!
  15. Hey guys! Sorry I am a day late posting the check in this week! We have had a rough go the last couple of days so it put me behind here at home! How are you guys doing? Have you been able to get all your supplies needed for your project? Did you run into any issues or frustrations? I was mostly only able to get some photos sorted and organized from 2016 to get ready for my album. It was a hard week/weekend to work due to one of my son's birthdays and some work things! I am on track to get at least two spreads done this week though!