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  1. So lovely, Sherly. Well done!
  2. Great job with your composition, Marilyn. Love the colors. What a wonderful experience for you. Well done!
  3. What precious photos! Love all the gorgeous blue.
  4. So cute, Jagruti! Your son is always adorable in your layouts. Great job with your crafting. Looks like you had fun making them.
  5. Adorable, Kiana! Great job with your clustering.
  6. Lovely photos and color palette. Well done!
  7. Love the photo treatment , Lisa!
  8. Gorgeous, Heather!
  9. Thanks so much!
  10. Oh my gosh! Thank you so, so much!!! You've really made my day. I'm so honored. I really appreciate it!!
  11. Thanks so much, Lynnette! I really appreciate the positive feedback.
  12. This looks great. Love the colors!
  13. This is GORGEOUS, Ona! So ethereal. Beautifully done!
  14. So adorable, Jan. He's getting so big!!
  15. Thanks, Ona! I originally had a design with a lady where her hair morphed into a wind of fall leaves, but I just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted it, so I trashed it and started over with the coffee cup design. I survived extracting the lady & the ladder, so it all turned out okay.