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  1. How do I remove a double post?  

    1. Christa File

      Christa File

      when you click on your image, underneath is a button that says Manage Image.. when you click on that, there is a tab for edit details. Select that. then all the way at the bottom on the right there is a delete . By clicking on Delete will remove the detachment. Here is the one you want to remove: 

      By the way, next to your name in the gallery there is a notation with a link that says "Find their other images".. if you click on that it will bring up your gallery... here is yours  I chose the one I wrote the note on for you to delete in the note above. Hope this helps.


  2. By the way Cassie, through August 11th Blurb has a 40% off sale : MYNEWBK is the 40% off code through 8/11/2017
  3. wow Cassie, you really were busy!! So glad you are almost done!! pages look great!!
  4. Hi Danica! Welcome to Scrapaneers and Good Luck!!

  5. it is more glossy it is called Premium Lustre.. it is a very heavy paper and the colors pop off the page.
  6. I have only used Blurb and I have been using them for years. They also have a pdf you can download too so you can send to people if you wish. Here is a sample page from the blurb site after I published it:
  7. You will get there!! The 5 pages you will get done in no time!! Mine is matching my 2015 book so each page is the same bg etc and I just add things. My scrapping is a little different and I like a matching theme to my vacation books. I managed this 2017 UK book to match the 2015 book pretty well!! I am on 6 CT's at the Lily Pad, besides being a peer here.. LOL I am retired though so that helps! I am so excited!! I made the few fixes I needed and ordered the book through Blurb. The 136 page book 12x12 top of the line paper with hard cover image wrap + a pdf of the book + 5.99 shipping was $145.57 and the 36% off gave me a discount of $48.45!! The book is costing me $97.12 total and should be here in about 10 days.. I am so excited. This is the best discount and book/page I have gotten. I checked, my last book was 114 pages and was $105 all in.. so thrilled to be done with it!! I want to jump into the pages and go back to the UK!! Doing the happy dance over here!!
  8. Thanks Cassie!! I was excited when I finished our 2015 book (144 pages) a month before our trip , and now a month after our return I finished this one. I love our vacation books!! This will be a 12x12 book too. Thanks Cassie!
  9. I am done with my book.. 136 pages! I have proof read it twice and hubby is proofing it today, for me too.. Blurb has 36% off through tomorrow 8/4 so I am trying to get it proofed to send for printing by tomorrow! So excited!
  10. Congrats hollygenc!!
  11. Cassie, those are wonderful pages! For me, I did my 2015 UK trip for the spring, although I did not post here and my 144 page book that I printed at Blurb came out great! I also did a book for my BFF and her hubby as they went to Jamaica for their 30th anniversary and my gift was a book for her, which I completed 3 weeks before doing my 2015 book.. Her book got me on a roll. On 6/27m my hubby & I went back to the UK for our 25th anniversary and we got home 7/7... after getting all the photos organized, I have been working on this since the 16th of July. I am now on page 121. I am now working on the last day of our trip. I am so excited how it is coming out. A lot of my pages are more photo based with some details throughout .. let me post a page here... I hope to have the book done in the next day or two and then will need to proof it. Hopefully Blurb will do another 35% or 40% discount in the next week, otherwise I will hold off printing until they do!! All my books I do with them.. I do the 12X12 for me with the Hard wrap cover & top of the line paper. The books are gorgeous! Here are a few pages: 2015 book Attached is the page for 2017
  12. both I finished it after I finished my friend's 30th anniverary book which was 88 pages...I created 116 pages for my book and sent for printing... I sent it off for printing with Blurb last Monday and it was shipped on Friday.. I should get it any day. I do my pages in photoshop and then just add it to Blurb.. I save all the pages in psd and jpg. re for most of my scrapping I generally do not print.. only trips and wedding books This is my 6th book.. I will have another after my next trip Here is a sample of one of the pages
  13. I just finished up and ordered my vacation book from 2015! I took a week and did 116 pages!! The week before I did a 30th anniversary book for my BFF 86 pages.. I just got my BFF book from Blurb to check it and it is fantastic.. i get it prnted with the top of the line paper with the wrap image .. her book I did 11 X13.. mine I do 12 X 12 .. anyway, I mailed hers this morning and she will get it by Thursday.. I am so excited. My book I ordered today (plus with both I got PDF's too) and my book should now arrive by 6/14.. I am sure it will be by next Saturday as that was the time frame on my friend's book.. I finished hers on the 16th got it on the 25th... so excited!!!
  14. here is mine Fun challenge.. thanks Katherine!!