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  1. Coffee

    Credits: June Champions kit by Captivated Visions TFL
  2. Love this Kathy.. the color swatch is perfect.. I love these colors.. such a great pallet! I love the large photo of Grace & Molly's Kite flying in the cleared blue sky and then the inner photo of them sitting and holding on to the string.. what an awesome crop and great design!! The journaling is perfect and the title work is well done too...That element of the kite, Perfect!! Thanks for the fun challenge!
  3. wow what an emotional page but so well expressed and journaled. Art journaling is all about an outlet for letting go and venting as well as expressing yourself. You did that here and I hope to a degree it helped to get it out instead of holding it all in. I love the use of Red paint, the white typewriting font with the big words that are allowing you to "shout" and the way your top border is all clustered and layered. I know this is not your norm Sue, and I am so sorry you are going through a hard time right now, but the artistic way you expressed it is really aweome. If we were always sunshine and daisies life would be boring I think... sometimes times like this give us perspective. Not that we have to have neg things in life... this past year even turning on the TV has been negative... I do hope that things turn around and the frustration can be shaken off and you can move forward in a positive direction. Well scrapped. Big Hugs!
  4. One again Marilyn, you rock the blending!! I absolutley love this sweet photo of your grandaughter Emerson playing in the water on a summer day.. the word art the stitching the water drops are just so perfect the way you made this.. absolutely beautiful!!
  5. Beyond the Sea

    Credits: Photo by me of the UK while on our tour we stopped for a quick break at this little seaside spot... reminded me of a puzzle Used Kate Hadfield's Beside the Sea for the crab and seagull; Mommyish Art Canvas II style for watercolor art canvas background.. staple and photo edge by me.. TFL!
  6. both I finished it after I finished my friend's 30th anniverary book which was 88 pages...I created 116 pages for my book and sent for printing... I sent it off for printing with Blurb last Monday and it was shipped on Friday.. I should get it any day. I do my pages in photoshop and then just add it to Blurb.. I save all the pages in psd and jpg. re for most of my scrapping I generally do not print.. only trips and wedding books This is my 6th book.. I will have another after my next trip Here is a sample of one of the pages
  7. I just finished up and ordered my vacation book from 2015! I took a week and did 116 pages!! The week before I did a 30th anniversary book for my BFF 86 pages.. I just got my BFF book from Blurb to check it and it is fantastic.. i get it prnted with the top of the line paper with the wrap image .. her book I did 11 X13.. mine I do 12 X 12 .. anyway, I mailed hers this morning and she will get it by Thursday.. I am so excited. My book I ordered today (plus with both I got PDF's too) and my book should now arrive by 6/14.. I am sure it will be by next Saturday as that was the time frame on my friend's book.. I finished hers on the 16th got it on the 25th... so excited!!!
  8. here is mine Fun challenge.. thanks Katherine!!
  9. Campinginthe1970's

    Credits:Summer Camp by Kate Hadfield Red White n' Blue papers by Kate Hadfield Everyday Overlays by Kate Hadfield font: CK Marrissa
  10. My Dad

    I did this a while back so at this time I do not remember the supplies I used. This is one of those deep pages.
  11. Marilyn, what a beautiful collage page of the sr Prom... the bg textured papers really compliment Savana's gown.. so beautiful with the gorgeous elements you chose to adorn it. Beautiully scrapped!
  12. This is fabulous! Love your top down desk page.. so bright and cheery with that photo of the morning glories and the matching poloroid.. well done!
  13. I hae an iPhone 5 I think it is.. I am not an app person so I don't do any photo fixing on my phone.. I do it all in PS. Sorry I am not much help.
  14. Ice Coffee

    made with Just Jaimee's Smile kit from class.. had fun.. got tablet up and running and played with brushes.