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  1. Should use this opportunity to once and for all finish a wedding album.
  2. Well, I am the queen of organizing. It has stolen many hours of creative time. I hate to think of all of the things I could have created in that time. You would think that the files and folders on my computer would be absolutely perfect, but there is always something else to organize. That is my shiny object.
  3. First, I want to finish a wedding album for my brother. There are only a few pages left to scrap. Then, have the pages printed that I have not had printed yet, also cover the album that they are going in. And, send out the digital files to make two extra albums for the mothers. Second, go through all my photos from the beginning, pull some out of sticky albums and put into good albums. Print digital photos that have never been put into albums. Scan photos that I want to scrap and create albums for certain family members and friends.
  4. That is why I think this Project Scrap throughout the year will be a great way to get the incentive and inspiration to do this.
  5. Finish an almost finished wedding album I started for my brother. Then, go through lifetime of non-digital photos (most already in an albums chronologically, some need to be taken out of the old stick in kind, and placed into regular albums), and scan in the ones that I want to scrapbook. If anyone has any suggestions that would help for this type of process, please let me know. Thank you for always inspiring.
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