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  1. Thank you, Kiana.
  2. challenge

    How do I get the buttons, like I have two above for Project Scrap and Champion? I did the Masters Scrap, but can't remember how to get the button?
  3. challenge

    Fun! I haven't done a challenge or anything for a gallery for a long time. But, just happened to catch this challenge, and I think I'm gonna try.
  4. Very cute. I really like the flowers and plants you used. And, Anna's clouds look pretty scary.
  5. Reminds me of one of those old fashioned paintings. Beautiful!
  6. Really like this. Always like your pages when I see them.
  7. NCChamberWindow.jpg

    One Photo Cottage Arts - Click Mask Love, 8x10 11a Photoblend, Click Mask 4 LGrier - All I Have to do is Dream Stitches-long NBK Previous Twig Katie Pertiet Krafty Elegance Stitches.
  8. Traditionalist.jpg

    kpertiet clean stitches daniel young pumpkin kerri bradford happy camper
  9. Echo-Lake.jpg

    Papers by Aheirmann Storyteller & Bdate Collab MCO Messy Stitches Viva la Bee Persnickety Prints labels
  10. So are you. Your beach baby layout was great.
  11. Also, I did a Geometric layout, but didn't get it turned in on time for the competition, but I would like to place it in the gallery anyway. Is there someway that I can do that? I noticed someone else did, but the image Upload button isn't there any more. Thanks, Gwen
  12. Thank you Katherine. I started out doing a double exposure, but ended up liking it this way better, because it just looked more like part of Kelsey was cut off.
  13. Kelsey's Horse

    Supplies Used: Anna Aspnes Artplay Palette Bask Overlay jbarrette-lifeisanadventure-addon-mappaint dy-pumpkinmuffin-scribble DeviantScrap_ColorSplash_TWD_Graffiti
  14. Thank you, Katherine.