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    I'm a thimble collector, have close to 3000 in my possession.

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  1. mcurtt-finalentry.jpg

    8 layouts linked below: Minimalist link: Geometrist link: Traditionalist link: Eclectic link: Free Spirit link: Day Dreamer link: Shape Shifter link: Abstractionist link:
  2. Credits: Papers: Pink Reptile Designs - Optimistic, It’s Cold Outside, The Sparkly Season, Just My Type. Little Butterfly Wings - Never Give Up. Kristin Aagard - Ponies & Rainbows. Lynne Marie - Vogue, Wildflower Frames: Little Butterfly Wings - Monthly Template Oct 2016, Of Wishes Hopes & Dreams. Lynn Grieveson - Life is an Adventure. Borders: Lynne Marie - Darling. Nancie Rowe Janitz - Summer Harvest. Pink Reptile Designs - Scrap Fever. Stitches: Pink Reptile Designs - Optimistic, heART. Kristin Aagard - Of Wishes Hopes & Dreams. Buttons: Allison Pennington - All the Feels. Mommyish - Holiday Cheer. Pink Reptile Designs - Don’t Stop the Music. Toadstools - Kristin Aagard - Woodland Spring. Ziggle Designs - Winter Woodland. Crossbone Cuts Designs - Winter Woodland. Hearts: Dawn Inskip - Of Wishes Hopes & Dreams. Bella Gypsy - Scrappy Type. Kate Hadfield - Bits & Pieces. Word art: Pink Reptile Designs - Lovebug. Etc by Danyale - Mixed Bag. Kristin Aagard - Woodland Spring, Goofball. Brads: Bella Gypsy - Scrappy Type. Pink Reptile Designs - Seriously, O Sole Mio. Ribbon: Sabrina Dupre - All the Feels. Etc by Danyale - Peace & Love. Sabrina’s Creations - It’s the Little Things. Banner tabs: Sahlin Studio - Of Wishes Hopes & Dreams. Lynne Marie - Wildflower, Darling. Lyn Grieveson - Posey. Arrows: Little Butterfly Wings - Never Give Up. Bella Gypsy - He. Mommyish - This Thing. Just Jaime - Happy Haunt. Butterfly: Kristin Aagard - Formal. String: Little Butterfly Wings - M3 Dec 2016 Grass: Etc by Danyale - Summer Journal. Little Butterfly Wings - M3 Jul 2016.
  3. Credits: Photo was taken down in Florida in May of this year, beautiful flowers growing alongside of a wall. All else came from Jen Maddocks - Noel, Believe, Bricolage 103, Summery, ART and the Woods, ART and Nature, Paint that Flower, Adieu Summer, Something Wicked. Artful Marks No4.
  4. Credits: Amy Wolff - Hoodie Time. Sabrina Dupre - Autumn Splendor. Dawn Inskip - Of Wishes Hopes and Dreams, The Journey, Autumn. Deb Kerkhof - Rustic Autumn. Lynn Grieveson - Head in the Clouds. Etc by Danyale - Flower Fusion. Lynne Marie - M3 Nov 2015. Gina Miller - Happy. Pink Reptile Designs - Lovebug.
  5. Sorry... Asked a question in the wrong spot. I'm moving it now.
  6. I love how you combined photos of different "subjects" and made them work. Totally awesome!
  7. We had the honor of being invited to a wedding in Poland this past fall, for cousins I had never met. We spent a week in Krakow before heading out to the little village that my relatives lived in. This is a blend of three photos, four images. The balloons are actually found in the larger photo of the girl. I did extract most of the images to blend them into my papers a bit better. Thanks for looking. Credits: Rebecca McMeen - Aspen, Anna Aspnes - Art Play Palette Traveler, Art Play Palette Sweet Pea, Art Play Palette Ablaze, Art Play Palette Joyful. Dawn Inskip - Coffeebreak. Lynn Grieveson - Marina, Honey I’m Home, Love All Around. NBK Designs - It’s the Little Things. Celenia Curtis - Gesso Notes. Jopke - Welcome. Lynne Anzelc - Floral Winds. Courtney’s Designs - Artsy Blended Template March 2017.
  8. Adorable! Great job of blending them all together.
  9. A powerful image (or composite). Beautifully done.
  10. How cute is this? I love the sketched look.
  11. I love how your shapes became your background. Great shadowing, by the way. :-)
  12. Now how fun is this? Great how you incorporated rectangles, triangles and octagons. This was one style I really struggled with, but you look like you did it effortlessly.
  13. Beautiful page, love the pops of orange taken from your photo.
  14. Awesome extraction. I love how you have her with an umbrella at the top of the stairs. And I see that she has company. Lovely page.
  15. For not liking this style, you have a natural flair for it. I love all of your animals, including your puppy.