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  1. That is a great panoramic photo and I love the simplicity of your page. I also love the title and how your shadowed!
  2. This is a fun LO, simple and yet lots to look at!
  3. I like the look, beautiful LO!
  4. This is perfect, I just love it!
  5. Buckaroos-gallery.jpg

    For this LO I used American Wild West by Roxanne Buchholz. We don't travel much so I found some photos of one of my husband's adventures,..Of course, I used one of the awesome templates from Tiffany!
  6. first-wedding-gallery.jpg

    Really had fun with this month, took me a long time to get to it!
  7. Love this Amie!
  8. I love pages about coffee! This LO is bright and fresh, and now I have to go brew a cup!
  9. Sue-gallery.jpg

    Finally got my LO done for this months Champions. I instantly knew what photos I wanted to use but really struggled putting this one together. I wanted the color in the photos so decided to tone down the papers and pop the colors using elements. After several tries I finally have that works for me, and I had another chance to use one of the critters I made for last months diorama! I used papers from Shawna Clingerman's All About a Boy and elements from Laura Louie Snugglesaurus
  10. This is really beautiful!
  11. So, Sue, did you make the monster? It's such a perfect likeness, I'm impressed! Really fun LO, I love all the styles you used, and I also love talk bubbles!
  12. I love the whimsical look of your page, very nice!
  13. Dr.-V-gallery.jpg

    Here is my completed page for February Champions. I really had fun with this one, made several animals before I decided on this little dinosaur. The kit I used was Snugglasauras from Laura Louie.
  14. I'm impressed, did you draw it all with the pen tool?
  15. Yup, this should be the incentive I need to get my son's graduation book done. It's 18 years in the making,...