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  1. IntenseMagic-finalentry.jpg

    Thanks for a fantastic tournament!! Links to layouts: Free Spirit: Minimalist: Day Dreamer: Geometrist: Shape Shifter: Traditionalist: Eclectic: Abstractionist:
  2. Oh-Snap.jpg

    At Summers End by Studio Basic Adventure Begins Brushes and Stuff by Studio Basic Word Art Brushes from: Intuitive by Gennifer Bursett Count on Me by Deena Rutter This Year 2014 by Shannon McNabb Random Words by Little Butterfly Wings
  3. Click.jpg

    Embellishments used: Arrows Cameras Flowers Buttons String Paint Word Strips Stitching Hearts Sequins Ribbon Kits used: Handwritten Everyday by Amber LaBau Mixed Bag Aarows by Allison Pennington 24/7 by Just Jaimee Dreams/Goals by Dawn Inskip Click by Just Jaimee Inside Your World by Amber LaBau Feeling Fresh by Mommyish June Storyteller by Just Jaimee Lucky by Just Jaimee Off We Go by Amber LaBau Office Space by Just Jaimee Candid by Mommyish and Just Jaimee Summer Bucket List by Just Jaimee It’s a Zoo by Pink Reptile Designs Sprinkles V.42 by Valorie Wibbens The Good Stuff by Karla Dudley and Valorie Wibbens
  4. Climb.jpg

    Dreams and Goals Collection by Dawn Inskip Netting, Starfish, and palm leaves from Sugar Sands Beach by Etc. by Danyale Font: CK Ali's Hand
  5. Waves.jpg

    Summer Stories by Just Jaimee and Sara Gleason I Heart Fall Paper by Just Jaimee
  6. Yes, I do wish they had spent a little more time on they "why" the people disappeared and maybe some of the greater impact. They touched on figuring out the why briefly and then almost like abandoned it.
  7. This-Moment.jpg

    Credits: Spearmint Papers by Valorie Wibbens (recolored) Summer Picnic Papers and Elements by Sabrina's Creations Hyannis Papers and Elements by One Little Bird Life in Color Elements by Etc. by Danyale
  8. Oooooh! Perfection, Anne!! I knew you would rock this one! This is so awesome!! Love, love, love it!!
  9. Cool!! I'm hoping to start watching it again this weekend!!
  10. It is based on a book by Tom Perrotta and the first season follows it loosely. And no, I haven't seen it, but I am totally going to check it out!!
  11. I love Stranger Things! I want to watch the first season again before the new one comes out. I'm not typically a tv watcher, but I have been some this summer since I've been babysitting for a lot of it. The Office is one we can watch over and over. I also loved Parks and Rec. Another I've been watching lately is Riverdale. It's all the characters from the original Archie comic strip only done in a weird dark drama way. It's pretty good. And the other I've watched this season is on HBO - The Leftovers. It's about life after 2% of the world's population just disappeared. I'm about 1/2 way through season 2 of that one.
  12. Graffiti.jpg

    Urban Blight by Paula Kesselring Ladder and Chainlink by Etc. by Danyale
  13. What a great photo! Your element choices are so perfect!
  14. What a sweet photo! Love the soft feel of this page!
  15. How neat to use that postcard!! What a creative idea! Love the added color and stamping at the bottom!