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  1. I used a brush by PRD (not sure who that is). The Brush set was titled Brush Bonanza.
  2. What a cool page! Love your use of white space, the frame, and all the neat stamps you used.
  3. .
  4. This is super cute! Love your cutouts, the "heart" you writing, and your title work! Seriously great job!
  5. I really like this! Love all the different types of elements you chose...the different clips and signs really stand out to me. Great job!
  6. Fantastic! I love the photos, how you incorporated the required shapes, and the watercolored background!
  7. Love your photo treatment and how you made it blend so well with the watercolors you have on the rest of the page! Well done!
  8. Art

    This is so neat to look at... so many little things to spot throughout!
  9. I love how you made a different emphasis on each family member with a special frame and how you kept the color scheme simple. Great job!
  10. Great take on this challenge! I love how colorful and neat it looks while still adding everything required!
  11. Fly

  12. How do you not have a ton of comments yet?! This is fantastic! The stamps, color vs. B&W, the brushes... amazing!
  13. therapy97-finalentry.jpg

    8 layouts linked below: Minimalist link: Geometrist link: Traditionalist link: Eclectic link: Free Spirit link: Day Dreamer link: Shape Shifter link: Abstractionist link:
  14. Hooked on Fishing

    Requirements: 3 Netting; 3 Flowers, 3 Realistic Elements (fishing gear); 3 Wordart; 3 Foliage; 3 Flair; 3 Wood; 3 Water Splatters; 3 Stitches; 3 String/rope Credits: Kristin Aagard - Outdoorsy; On The Lake Chelle's Creations - Gone Fishin'; Let's Camp Smore KimB Designs - She's So Reel; Seaside; Salty Kisses SuzieQ Scraps - Pond Play Pixels by Jen - Reel Men Fish North Meets South - Nature Boy Amanda Yi Designs - The Great Outdoors; Toes in the Sand Tracie Stroud Designs - Encinitas Graham Like the Cracker - Driftaway Mommyish - Best Summer Ever Add On; Summer Camp Scrap Orchard Collab - In The Forest PRD (not sure who this is) - Brush Bonanza Brushes
  15. Love this! Very pretty while maintaining a great abstract look!