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  1. Very cute scene you have created! Fun layout!
  2. LOVE that extraction! Gorgeous layout, simple and beautiful.
  3. Great extractions, and I love the scene you've created.
  4. This looks like the cover of an amazing fantasy based adventure! Gorgeous!
  5. Love this! This looks like it is straight out of my daughter's dreams!
  6. Awesome Halloween scene you created for your extracted trick or treaters!
  7. So stinking cute!
  8. Very cute, well done on both your extractions, I love the scene you created with your hula hooping kids!
  9. Great extraction, love your greenhouse! It looks gorgeous.
  10. Love all the layered images you used to create this awesome scene!
  11. Great extraction of your adorable cat! I really like the scene you created for your layout. Awesome job!
  12. This is awesome! I love all the extracted vintage photos and I love the carefree pose of your modern person! This is just beautiful!
  13. I love the way you incorporated your shapes into this layout, and I love the circle photos positioned into a larger circle! Fabulous.
  14. Cute extraction! I love all the blending of the other images, awesome layout!