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  1. farrukhj-finalentryform.jpg

    Minimalist Free Spirit Geometrist Day Dreamer Traditionalist Shape Shifter Eclectic Abstractionist
  2. Cup of Tea

    Kits: Spring Has Sprung by Mommyish A Love Story by KrystalHartley Dear Mom by Kristin Cronin Barrow TimeTeller by Etc By Danyale Sweet Comforts by shabby miss jen
  3. Fall

    Kits: Artplay Palette Give thanks, Artplay Palette My Camera by Anna Aspnes
  4. After-the-Rain.jpg

    Kits: ArtPlayPalette MyCamera, ArtPlayPalette Give Thanks, ArtPlayPalette Family by AnnaAspnes. Fonts: My Type, Chock A Block NF Regular
  5. Crafty.jpg

    Kit: Precious Moments by Dawn Inskip Fonts: Playlist Caps, Scrappy looking Regular
  6. wow...that is amazing.
  7. Shine Bright

    Kits: Shine by Sheila Reid and USA by Marisa Lerin Low poly paper in middle is my creation.
  8. Thank you! I am thinking to get it printed
  9. Thanks . Although there is a lot of details in it, I felt the same when the page was done that it looks so simple.
  10. moon-walk.jpg

    Elephant, Moon and sea are stock photos. Stars photo is from Pixabay. Texture papers are from 2 lil owls. All the other effects are created in PS.
  11. Curious.gif

    Kit: Per Diem by One Little Bird Fonts: Brandine Regular, Breaking News Regular
  12. SomeDays-Free Spirit.jpg

    Kit: Bad Day by Melo Vrijhof
  13. Thanks. You just made my day!
  14. Here are my layouts.... #1 http://forum.scrapaneers.com/index.php?/gallery/image/3284-scrap-challenge-camera/ #2 http://forum.scrapaneers.com/index.php?/gallery/image/3285-waterlilly/ #3 http://forum.scrapaneers.com/index.php?/gallery/image/3286-happy-birthday/ #4 http://forum.scrapaneers.com/index.php?/gallery/image/3287-scraplift-challenge/
  15. I scrap lifted this beautiful layout by Suzanne http://forum.scrapaneers.com/index.php?/gallery/image/3126-marchchampions2016/ Here is my take