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  1. This challenge is ready!!!!
  2. Cute. Love all the photos and journaling. Cute animals too!
  3. Adorable layouts!!!
  4. That's fun. It's always good to win stuff you actually like/follow.
  5. Oh this is super cute and fun. Love that cut out title too
  6. I've won a few things. One time I won an Origami owl necklace. Another time I won some hair supplies. Just yesterday I won a cute creation from a small artist/creator that sells on etsy. She made a small easel with paper flower assortment attached. It's super cute. I still haven't won the lottery yet though. ROFL
  7. This is gorgeous. I love the framing and the journal!!!!
  8. Are you one of those lucky people and win stuff whenever you enter giveaways? Or do you hardly if ever win? What have you won lately?
  9. So my son is in 7th grade. He failed art class because at the end of 6th grade.... he's just not doing the projects. Because he just doesn't want to. He can do the work and will do some of them, but then skip 2- in a row and bam his grade is at an F. UGH. We've grounded him, taken video games and phone, and made him sit in his room and read, which btw he hates reading. But it's like it doesn't sink in, this marking period, he's failing art again. I haven't talked to the teacher because he's been honest in saying he's just not doing the work. I think I might though
  10. What would you do if your kid had bad grades? What if they told you they just didn't want to do the work?
  11. This is beautiful. I love the great photos and the pretty little clusters
  12. Awww that's sweet of the school and I'm glad they finally got to see the white stuff!!!
  13. Yeah I think some is coming our way....hoping not that much.
  14. Super cool photo effect and love the blending
  15. Amazing page and I love that background with the big moon