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  1. Oh this is super pretty and I love the blending and the big cluster
  2. Cute photo and I like the smaller series. Great job on the page
  3. Fun colors and I like the use of the feathers!!
  4. Yummy treat!!!! Love the layering and the fun shapes radiating out!
  5. Love the pretty colors and the fun shapes. Cute photos too
  6. Cute photo and the fun photos making the stained glass are perfect
  7. So beautiful. I really like the rays coming from the photo and the bright yellow!
  8. I like the big shapes and fun colors. Great photos too
  9. Cute page and creative idea. Love the tent shape
  10. So bright and cute. Love all the layers!!!
  11. This is stunning. I love the blue and bright yellow!!!!! Sooo pretty, great job with the lift
  12. Not bad. But we don't have one close enough any more any way. Too far, plus hours aren't good. We'd never use it
  13. I haven't been shopping in a few days, and on Friday I ran in quick and out, so I didn't stop to look. NOW I"m excited to make a trip for some NOG!!!!
  14. Super job on the shapes and the fun design. I like that it is so clean!!!
  15. Love all the layers here and the dripping honey with that WOOD BG!!