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  1. Gorgeous layouts. I might have to just lift you.
  2. Ladies congrats!!!! @suzanner @skivvy @breeoxd
  3. Thank you to everyone that played along in this first half of the month's challenge! The winners are listed below: (1) $30.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice – Suzanner (1) $20.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - Skivvy (1) $10.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - Breeoxd When you are ready to use your discount coupon please contact Student Support with the name of the class you would like to apply it to since coupons are class specific. Prizes in the challenges can be saved and combined for purchasing a class or event. Any balance after purchasing a class will be forfeited. Thank you again for joining the challenge! There's a new challenge for January up now.
  4. @breeoxd - I totally understand. Adding the title was a nice touch too! @Amson - thanks for playing along. @scrappy_dog - welcome. Glad you played along too Off to leave you ladies some love
  5. You created a lovely layout. I know minimalist is hard for many of us.
  6. @skivvy - that's the beauty of minimalist, sometimes you can make your page look full too @cinderella - thank you for playing I'm glad you accepted the challenge Off to leave you ladies some love.♥
  7. ROFL I know you are. I go back and forth between the two so it comes a little easier, but some of these kits you can't help it. You just go, "one more element" rofl!!! You did amazing...even if you varied!
  8. Hoping to see some more layouts!!!!
  9. Congrats sweetie. Isn't it fun to get your albums done AND win a prize for it?!
  10. Wow you're fast too. Love it. off to leave you some love
  11. You're fast. Off to leave you some love
  12. Thank you so much. Yes I thought what would be simple and easy for the end of the year. Glad you agree!!!
  13. This challenge is ready!!!!
  14. Adorable layouts!!!