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  1. Do you work out? Do you eat healthy? How do you stay in shape or stay healthy at least?
  2. Are you a pumpkin pie lover? Is that your go to pie for Thanksgiving and holidays in your home or another one?
  3. Adorable cutie there and he's brave.....I would have been on the other side of the world lol
  4. Aww this is super sweet and pretty. Love the blending and the b&w photos mixed with colors
  5. Wow this is so visually pleasing. Love your blending
  6. This is SO ethereal! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  7. I love this. I love the look on her face, reminds me of a scary movie
  8. Yes Amie this is outstanding. I can't wait to try this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ROFL I cry when I see people do nice things for others. (and myself)
  10. That pepper steak pie sounds yummy....and yes you must get your hands on Key Lime Pie.....DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nope never flown. Haven't went far enough to make it a requirement, and no point in flying when I can drive to the closer places I've been. lol
  12. Aww beautiful photos and you did a great job blending them together.
  13. WOW this looks like fantasy. Love all the blending
  14. Oh this is beautiful. I love the blending and the framing
  15. I like a lot of your fave things. Love the photo you took of the leaves and the great cluster at the bottom
  16. Lovely. So lovely. I love the blended photo too!
  17. Great idea to scrap the recipe. Sure to never lose it. Love all the elements you chose
  18. Gorgeous page I love all the paint and texture to it
  19. ROFL...see I feel the same way about Sweet Potato....we don't do pumpkin in our family.
  20. So did you decide when to decorate?
  21. Doesn't sound fun. Hopefully I won't be flying anywhere anytime soon
  22. *pops i* * looks around nervously* I've NEVER flown!
  23. Well ... I'm going to just find something I can work on myself...maybe I'll work on some about me pages, or another album I can complete on my own. UGH!!!
  24. Yeah I didn't miss being in it....just seeing's so pretty! LOL
  25. True!!!