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  1. Very cool!!!!
  2. Do you have any other hobbies besides scrapbooking? Tell me!!!! 😀
  3. Gorgeous page all the white space and the beautiful cluster
  4. I love how this looks in the frame. Lovely layout!!!
  5. Okay so what do you do when you've had "one of those" days! Do you dwell in the horrible-ness or try to let it go? What do you do to get you out of the funk!!!?
  6. That's soo cool!!!
  7. I don't like anything pumpkin. ROFL
  8. You are so lucky to have that. That's one thing that is hard for me....we don't have a lot of records or photos. YOur page is gorgeous and I love the photo center stage
  9. I love reading too. I haven't read in a while though. Just can't seem to find the time. But once I dive in, I'm the same, I just need one more chapter.
  10. They are SO the best!!!
  11. Anytime I have to rub Icy Hot on him rofl!!!!
  12. My me time is me vibing out to some good music. Or FISHING!!! Big surprise. ROFL
  13. What does your "me" time look like? Do you relax? Splurge on spas or shopping?
  14. Sounds very nice!!!!!
  15. Please do!!!
  16. Why is everything so expensive? Lol
  17. I feel your pain!!
  18. Show me using only memes or gifs how your Monday is going/went. Lol
  19. I love looking at your yumminess on Facebook. I want to see your cards now!!!
  20. This is fabulous. I love he page design and the fun journal spot.
  21. This is stunning. Love the beautiful yellow and the flowers and girl. Just lovely
  22. I missed this one you rocked it. I'll have to check it out again.
  23. Oh this is super cute love the eclectic feel to it
  24. INcredible photos. Love your title work too!!!!