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  1. Oh, how exciting! Thank you so much!
  2. And here's my photo book that come a couple of days ago!
  3. Here's the last page I made for my book:
  4. My Condo album is coming along. Here's a couple more pages and I should have the book to show you next week!
  5. Yes, I'm surprising myself. And my husband has learned how to cook and do his own laundry!
  6. I'm speeding along here and have started uploading to Shutterfly. I might make it! This challenge is so helpful to get an album done!
  7. I suppose I could complete a mini album about our new condo and call it the "honeymoon" stage. Everything is so new and exciting at the beach. I still have 2 weeks so will try!
  8. I've done a few more on my New Condo album. I don't think I'll get this finished this session. Can I continue it in the Fall session?
  9. I notice lots of you are doing several pages each week. Maybe I can gain some momentum next week. On this one I just reflected about why I like the beach.
  10. Here's my Condo pg 2:
  11. Well, I'm off on my Condo Album. Here's my first page!
  12. I can use some encouragement. Creating an album in my personal style has changed the way I do things versus doing challenges. I seem to want to journal more and add dates! And I love being able to use any kit I want. I am just loading my week 1 and 2 .
  13. I'm fairly new here and just saw this. I know it's late but I have a lot of free time left this month and am going to give it a go! We just bought a condo on the beach as a second home and I've been collecting ocean and beach kits and want to do an album about this new experience.
  14. Thanks for the fun challenge! Here's one from me featuring my daughter and our horse show events.
  15. Fun challenge! Here's mine: