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  1. Kathy, love your page - and black, white and red is a favorite color combo of mine. Wish I had snow, so I could take some new photos ... but it's 60 and sunny here today. So much for winter! LOL
  2. I feel the same way! I'll be wrapping up my album over the weekend (fingers crossed), and then figuring out what to do for a cover ... then it's off to print!
  3. I've been MIA from the forum for a bit (bad Kat!!), but still working on my pages behind the scenes! Almost done with my album with my visitors from Australia - only two more pages to go. That begs the question - the whole album is only going to be 14 pages long, but I'd like to print it out and maybe do a hard cover book. Wondering ... if I did it as an 8x8, maybe fill in some sections with full-sized pictures? It would mean updating the dates on each page, but might be worth it to make the album a little more 'full'?? What do you think?
  4. I'm going to keep working on my NYC/DC album from the visit of my Australian BFF's over the late summer. I made some good progress, but still have more pages to do!
  5. Still working on my pages - slowly, but they're coming together! LOL (and yes, I know the summer group for Project Scrap has closed, but I still wanted to share )
  6. Pssst, @Cassie King I'll let you in on a secret ... these are Anita's template I purchased the first pack and I'm going back for the second. This style is more photo-journalistic than I'm used to, but I love how quickly the pages are coming together with just a few pieces. Keeping things simple, and just using the same striped and kraft papers, and the red alpha, is really all I'm adding (well, and some doodled wordart pieces). The photo action is one I found through trial and error in a large package, and I LOVE IT! It's a faded vintage B&W.
  7. Okay, so at the beginning of this session of Project Scrap, I said I was going to work on my NOLA album ... and this is why I never finish anything ... SQUIRREL!!!! (and lots of them!! ROFL!!). I had friends from Australia visiting for a week, and I met them in New York for a weekend to start off our visit, so I've been all excited about scrapping THOSE pages. Did I say squirrel?! I've already got four pages done for the album, and I'm keeping the formula really simple and focusing on photos and journaling, not a lot of embellishments.
  8. Okay, ladies, I plugged names in the list randomizer at Random.org this morning ... and congratulations!! Prizes will be coming soon -- 1. Ashes 2. Skivvy 3. Kiana
  9. Thanks to everyone for playing along with last month's challenge. Winners will be announced tomorrow!
  10. I'm working on an album from a recent trip to New Orleans. I already did the cover/first page as part of this months' Champions class, and just got the next page finished. This is the cover: ... and the next page:
  11. Bestcee, I saw this in your post, " I am not very happy with what I've done so far and am struggling with the style. I have been trying to emulate (for the most part) Kelly's Art of the Apps style and my pages just aren't looking as cool as her pages do. Not sure why I can't seem to get there. Maybe if I start now I can finish in the fall?! " I think if you showed a couple of pages to your son, he's be thrilled, and like Stacia and Sue mentioned, it's the memory that people will comment on. You'll find your groove, I'm sure of it!
  12. I think we could all use one of these! So I missed the spring Project Scrap ... but I'm here for the summer. I just got back from a trip to New Orleans, so I'm using this month's Champions strategies and kit, and those are the pages I'll be working on. Got a head start and did my title page already.
  13. So I'm back from vacation and checking in to see the creative-ness on this months' challenge - it's great! Moving items, resizing, adding and deleting ... I love that templates can be so versatile and provide us with a lot of options. About a week and a half to go in the month (wow! that went fast!) ... who else is playing along? Remember, all participants will have the chance to win prizes (by random drawing).
  14. First of all - welcome to Scrapaneers!! I'm so excited that your first post here in our forums is this month's challenge! I really like how you moved the 'wavy' parts of the template around to kind of divide the page in half - I think if really helps make the photo stand out.
  15. Yay for another page off the to-do list. I left you a comment in the gallery - the crops on your photos are great.