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  1. I'm glad to see that Hayden was really going over the safety instructions. Flying quite a bit, it's sad (and somewhat scary) to see kids heads down into their electronics when important information like this is shared ... and you just never know #touchwood
  2. The circle frames really drawn you into the pictures - and I completely love that you did NOT crop the photos into the circular shape. The way they stick out from the frames is unusual and a great idea.
  3. Great job on giving this an aged/worn look - goes perfect with this 'wild west' pictures and topic.
  4. yay for trying to fish ... but goofy faces when no fish are around is pretty fun, too. I love that you captured both the seriousness of the fishing efforts and the goofiness, too.
  5. I love how you included the rainbow picture and made that your background. Even with eight other photos on the page, it doesn't get lost at all!
  6. Bestcee, I saw this in your post, " I am not very happy with what I've done so far and am struggling with the style. I have been trying to emulate (for the most part) Kelly's Art of the Apps style and my pages just aren't looking as cool as her pages do. Not sure why I can't seem to get there. Maybe if I start now I can finish in the fall?! " I think if you showed a couple of pages to your son, he's be thrilled, and like Stacia and Sue mentioned, it's the memory that people will comment on. You'll find your groove, I'm sure of it!
  7. I think we could all use one of these! So I missed the spring Project Scrap ... but I'm here for the summer. I just got back from a trip to New Orleans, so I'm using this month's Champions strategies and kit, and those are the pages I'll be working on. Got a head start and did my title page already.
  8. New Orleans - Cover

    This month's Champion strategies are perfect after a recent trip to New Orleans! This is the cover/first page for ... well, I don't know how many I'll end up with at the moment LOL
  9. I've heard that the new incarnation of who will play The Doctor is taking a twist for the new season (and without giving anything away, it's about time!!). I grew up on so many British shows in Australia in the 70's and 80's, including Doctor Who ... oh, and The Goodies. Anyone else see that show? #datingmyself ROFL!! Doctor Who, though .. daleks, cyborgs, K-9 ... I really love the original versions and the first 3 or 4 Doctors. I've kind of lost track of where things are now.
  10. So I'm back from vacation and checking in to see the creative-ness on this months' challenge - it's great! Moving items, resizing, adding and deleting ... I love that templates can be so versatile and provide us with a lot of options. About a week and a half to go in the month (wow! that went fast!) ... who else is playing along? Remember, all participants will have the chance to win prizes (by random drawing).
  11. First of all - welcome to Scrapaneers!! I'm so excited that your first post here in our forums is this month's challenge! I really like how you moved the 'wavy' parts of the template around to kind of divide the page in half - I think if really helps make the photo stand out.
  12. Yay for another page off the to-do list. I left you a comment in the gallery - the crops on your photos are great.
  13. Love the crops on some of those photos - it adds a ton of visual interest to the page.
  14. Great job on keeping the bones of the template intact and modifying it to suit your memory-keeping needs. The kids look like they were having fun ... double the trouble when the cousins get together?
  15. Wow, you converted this to your double-page layout? Super cool - and you'd never know!