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  1. Congratulations! You've been spotlighted on the Gallery Standouts Blog today!
  2. I got one more page done, YAY!! Senior Duet by Stacia, on Flickr
  3. @Amie Wheeler Talk to me about libraries in PS... what are they and how do they help with a project like this?
  4. Hey, getting the cover done is awesome! Sets the whole tone and mood for the project. Lots of people leave it until last so kudos for getting one of the hard things done!
  5. I completely emptied out the ephemera folder I'd saved like ballet class photos and programs and put them in the album pocket style with some journal cards and Silhouette cutouts. And I created one digi page last week. I'm hoping for maybe two pages this week.
  6. @sssnoo Have you considered Flickr as another/different photo backup option? I think everyone gets 1 TB of free photo storage. As for backups, I do the Flickr upload for photos and I do CrashPlan for photos and digi supplies. As for my own "squirrels", social media, looking for a kit in a digi-store and getting sucked into the forum there, looking for the elusive xxxx kit that I just know I have somewhere on my computer if I could only find it...
  7. My plan is to finish my daughter's ballet album. I think I have about two years of recitals left to do at this point. Editing on Friday: Here's the list of things I still need to do: title page Nutcracker Dec 08 (probably at least 2 to 4 pages) June 09 Ballet (at least one page) June 09 Acro (at least one page) June 09 Duet (at least two pages) 1st College semester dance recital (as I write this I seem to recall making a page back when that happened... off to look!) I looked through my old scrapbook pages on my blog using the ballet tag and found two pages I'd already done but hadn't yet printed. They're not new but they are DONE! I'm going to skip making the last year's paper pages like I did in earlier years with the tickets and programs and instead put them in pocket pages. Goodness knows I have enough stuff to do that! I bought ballet stickers (real ones) years back for the cover page and I've kept them all this time. I'm going to bag that idea and do a digi page because that's where my heart is at this point. It'll be a lot prettier anyway. So no pages made yet but progress has been achieved! Added a page here:
  8. I want to finish my daughter's ballet album. Her last year in dance was 2009 and I think I have 2008 and 2009 to get finished. The first 3/4 of it was paper and then I went digital so the end of it will be a mix. I pulled this album out when I moved into my house in August and refuse to put it back on the shelf until it's finished. This is perfect timing for me! Hit me up with any dance/ballet/acrobatics type kits you know of, please!
  9. Really stunning! I love how it's all lined up on that first third of the page and the mood you've created with the colors.
  10. Congratulations! You've been spotlighted on the Gallery Standouts Blog today!
  11. I scrapped on laptops for about 8 years or so. I'd have to upgrade because they just got too slow for me. Then I had the opportunity to use dual monitors and that opened my eyes to the possibility of having ACDSee open on one screen and PS open on the other.... on much bigger screens than I had with a laptop. Because I rarely scrapped anywhere other than home, I invested in a nice desktop setup. RAM is easier to update etc. I do have a laptop that I take to crops and then I copy supplies and photos onto a 1TB EHD to take with me. I started out using a pen to scrap so I even have a small tablet I take with me when I scrap off-site.
  12. Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder

    Credits: Smiling Eyes by Vinnie Pearce; Tiny button from Upgraded by Vinnie Pearce; Cool Glows no 1 and Warm Glows no 1 by Anna Aspnes; Font: Loveton

    © Stacia Hall

  13. Magical Place

    Autumn's Magic by Valorie Wibbens; Other items used: Sanded Photo Masks by Misty Cato, Head in the Clouds by Valorie Wibbens and Paislee Press, Ribbon Snips, Sprinkles v3 and Sprinkles v4 by Valorie Wibbens using the Emboss filter

    © Stacia Hall

  14. My biggest was that the dual monitors weren't supported. A little bit of googling later, I wasn't the only one. I had to restart 4 or 5 times but my monitor situation was fixed. I had no sound either the first go-round but that got fixed as well in the "restart fest". Also my ACDSee Ultimate 8 didn't work after upgrade. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it worked fine but it was a scary couple of minutes there. So far I like Windows 10...
  15. No One Watching

    Work In Progress by Mari Koegelenberg and August 2015 Templates by Simply Tiffany both part of the August 2015 Champions at Scrapaneers; Additional elements from Good One and Life Story by Karla Dudley, Snapshots and Memories by Sugarplum Paperie, This Is Love by Mye De Leon and Prism by The Digital Press; Styles: Leather (Stylin #34) and Blackboard II (Back to School Styles II) both by Mommyish; Fonts: Channel and a custom font

    © Stacia Hall