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  1. I do shop online on Black Friday but don't usually ever brave the crowds to go out to actual stores.
  2. I'm pretty sure you can't drop a photo of a salted caramel chocolate cheesecake and not give us the recipe, @Jennifer B
  3. Gorgeous clustering and I love the fall color palette you've chosen!
  4. Same here, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my son's birthday, then Christmas. We are going to do something new this year, though. My daughter and her fiance bought a house back in August. Because he's a police officer, he doesn't always get holidays off so seeing him (and her) at Christmas is complicated. This year, we are going to have Christmas down at their house. And my dad, step-mom, son and I will probably do some house projects while we are there, too.
  5. I sympathize, Kathy. I visited the World Trade Center years back and one level had a glass floor. I couldn't even walk out there on it. But I could sit on the step and look and be okay. Mine is probably that I've broken one of my little toes over 10 times. It's happened so often that it's easier to rebreak it now if I'm especially NOT graceful (which is my normal!)
  6. Pretty color palette you've chosen and I love how you've used the pointed shapes to lead the eye to the focal points!
  7. Love it... a castle in the clouds!
  8. Whimsical! I love the mix of directionality with the diamonds, the trail of butterflies and the straight lines from the trees. Nice contrast of the bright colors with the soft background, too!
  9. WOW, just gorgeous! You've captured joy right here!
  10. Vibrant and bold yet soft! Just goregous!
  11. Nicely done! Really beautiful!
  12. Beautiful! I love the pops of color and the sun against the gray background.
  13. This is stunning!
  14. I like it, Sue! It's got a very ethereal quality with the blending. Do you think you might like it more if there were another color, like more blue from the gorgeous sky, shown on the page?
  15. Let me say that at Tommy's Eagle Ceremony everyone walked over to his memorabilia table and looked at all the albums I had over there, even his fellow scouts. No one was looking at my scrap style, they were just enjoying the photos of "remember when..." and "gosh, we/they were so young here...". Whatever you have will be amazing and just perfect for the occasion.