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  1. I love the big black and white Eiffel tower as the focus! It's lovely.
  2. Alright, I will commit {again for those keeping track!} to finish my 2011 Cruise book. I picked out photos in the winter challenge, and then switched computers! So I may be back at the beginning. But I knows I have some fun kits I've picked up to use, so time to put them in 1 place too.
  3. Is it really giving anything away? I'm never watched the show, but still know the twist. And heard about the hoopla surrounding it.
  4. This is true. Thanks for the reminder. I'm feeling the same way - not sure I'm ready. But since time is going to pass anyway, might as well try right? Way to go!
  5. It was actually Sue, but that is great advice!
  6. I really want a flair that says "Project Scrap Fail". Hmm...Do I think I can do better? I have the same goal as my Winter Project Scrap Fail - To finish my cruise book. I curated photos, so just need to scrap them. We have another one in Sept, so I really would like to have this one done first!
  7. Love the mix of the circle mats below the square photos!
  8. The circle frames totally caught my eye! Love the happy smiles, and the word art is just perfect.
  9. I've never watched any of it. Is there a season I should start at or just the current one?
  10. I culled out the photos I want to use for my album, edited those that needed it (brighten, highlights, shadows), and exported them to a temporary folder. No more shiny objects of getting lost in my photos!
  11. Alright, after hemming and hawing, I've decided I will complete our 2011 Cruise Book. I should probably get that done before the next one! Now, I do have to *shiny object* go check my pages so I can see what I have done so far. Hopefully the accountability will keep it from being too distracting!
  12. I stick my layouts on Amazon Prime. Because then I can set them as the screensaver on my Firestick, and the whole family enjoys them. I don't like the organization enough to use it for my stash or anything like that. I have Backblaze for that. It backs up my whole computer, for cheap. I also stick just layouts on Flickr - cuz it's free! My shiny object is Scrapbook Forums, and my own head. I need to make myself get up after each page, and move for a minute or two. Otherwise, I find my mind drifting during the next page.
  13. Commit to just one?!?! Oh my. Hmmm. Gotta think on that.