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  1. I culled out the photos I want to use for my album, edited those that needed it (brighten, highlights, shadows), and exported them to a temporary folder. No more shiny objects of getting lost in my photos!
  2. Alright, after hemming and hawing, I've decided I will complete our 2011 Cruise Book. I should probably get that done before the next one! Now, I do have to *shiny object* go check my pages so I can see what I have done so far. Hopefully the accountability will keep it from being too distracting!
  3. I stick my layouts on Amazon Prime. Because then I can set them as the screensaver on my Firestick, and the whole family enjoys them. I don't like the organization enough to use it for my stash or anything like that. I have Backblaze for that. It backs up my whole computer, for cheap. I also stick just layouts on Flickr - cuz it's free! My shiny object is Scrapbook Forums, and my own head. I need to make myself get up after each page, and move for a minute or two. Otherwise, I find my mind drifting during the next page.
  4. Commit to just one?!?! Oh my. Hmmm. Gotta think on that.