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  1. I love the monochrome with the cool paper cutouts on the background and the title.
  2. I love the shadowing on the Peter Pan silhouette! The up and down is a cool contrast between elements and photo.
  3. I love the colors you used in the map to match your photos. You did an amazing job with the title!
  4. I love the big transparentish circle on Paternal side. The light and dark is a beautiful contrast!
  5. Our ship doesn't have laundry facilities, just the they do it laundry. I love the packing cubes! My friend introduced me to them when we traveled with her in 2012, and I've been in love with them ever since!
  6. Nope! I don't have an iphone right now, but I wouldn't pay $1000 for a phone at all. I barely paid $1000 for my computer! And it will last a lot longer than 2-3 years. I wouldn't pay that much for an Android either just to be clear.
  7. All the shapes are fantastic! The layering and the patterns!
  8. The shadowing on the pulled back paper is fantastic! It feels like a present I want to open up!
  9. The flower cutout looks fantastic! I love the grey tones with the flowers full of color!
  10. Kudos to you! The title looks awesome!
  11. So awesome that you learned some font settings! I love learning new things. The titlework is fantastic!
  12. Gorgeous use of the clustering and the title layering!
  13. YES! Follow all the threads!!
  14. That photo! You can totally see all the energy and focus in it! Love the paint under the photo! It adds a cool dimension!
  15. I love those costumes! I like the big photo and then the 2 little close ups to complement the big one!