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  1. That face! I love it!
  2. That bottom mask is gorgeous! It's a great start!
  3. I commented on Facebook, but I want to say again: I love the doodley bits you use!
  4. The blog is not going away. So if it's a blog post you are referring to, it will still be there! I totally know what you mean! I have a few nieces that like to post anything and everything - sometimes 10-15 posts a day! What I've done is to click on their name, and then there's some grey buttons: Friends, Following, Message, ... Click on Following and change it to "Unfollow". You are still friends, but their posts won't be in your newsfeed. I know that might not work for you; I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
  5. Love Positive Vibes. It's so uplifting!
  6. That's a great photo! I love all the colors and emotion that you added through the brushes.
  7. Now

    Now is a great word! I love the layering with the papers and the blending of paint you added!
  8. Art

    I love those trees at the bottom! Trees always make me thing of new beginnings.
  9. Love the touches of white you blended into the on the sides! The word Explore is a great choice!
  10. I love how you wove the photo through the page. The additional words adding to the meaning of Footloose are great!
  11. Your background layering and blending is gorgeous!
  12. Those words go beautifully together! I love how they lead into each other. And of course, I hope you remember to Love your dreams too!
  13. I love how you used the word strips!
  14. I love how you anchored the believe with the staples. Intentional or not, it goes so beautifully with the journaling and your statements about keep believing.
  15. I love how you repeated the "Focus". Inside the frame adds a fantastic touch and makes it feel more important. Good luck! Hopefully you aren't rushing everywhere in 2018!