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  1. I hate flying. I'd rather drive. I like to see the sights along the way. We did fly to Seattle in September. I slept on the plane ride there - we had to be at the airport at 3am! And I dozed on the way back, and read. My munchkin slept too. I hate all the things listed above, and the fact that you have to show up way early before your flight because somehow the airlines have no idea how quickly they process people through security? Or how long it takes to get bags scanned? And yet, the majority of bags are on the plane, not under it, and by this point, they should have an idea of the time it takes. Could you imagine showing up at a restaurant 2 hours before your reservation and just hanging out? Or going to the movie theater 2 hours before the movie? Now that there's reserved seats, we show up about 10 minutes before it starts. We are actually considering cruising to Hawaii because we hate to fly so much!
  2. Yes. Totally. I hate that. For me, I don't find the deals as good. So, it hasn't been worth my time. I'm fine staying home and seeing what movies pop up on Amazon for cheap. I already have a gift for DH, and my son bought. And most of my kids stocking done. DH wants to build a seltzer water thing out of a keg, so I don't think that's going to be Black Friday shopping. And I'm hoping Amazon has a coupon for books again this year.
  3. This is adorable! I love how you documented the family favorite and the recipe too!
  4. Absolutely fabulous Canadian dessert. They are a small tart shell, and the filling is kinda like the stuff around the pecans in pecan pie. If that makes any sense at all!
  5. Usually we do it the day after Thanksgiving. But DH is working that weekend, so I'm thinking we might do it the beginning of the week.
  6. I love pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. But I'd rather have banana cream, or chocolate, or my favorite is Butter Tarts. I know, not technically pie, but close enough!
  7. This is really cool! I love how many photos you combined. Using the title to highlight the extra photos is great!
  8. I love the mix of hard and soft you created in colors and in elements.
  9. I know I posted this on Facebook, but I really, really love how the how the paper shadowing makes the lion appear to be breaking out at us. That peeking effect is awesome!
  10. I love that frame and how it creates a hard/soft contrast with the blending! The blending is gorgeous underneath it.
  11. I always see the word art that says things like "Best Day Ever". And every so often there's a Bad Day kit with "Worst Day Ever". But more often than not, it's best. So I wondered. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
  12. Must go check them out! Is it like cake balls, only eggs?
  13. I stole it from my husband! We lived in Massachusetts during a Blizzard - roads closed, everything shut down, power out blizzard. And yet, we had to shovel the snow. The heavy wet, dirty, icy, snow. So, whenever someone asks him "Don't you miss the snow?" He always responds with "You don't have to shovel sunshine."
  14. Heat. I would rather be hot in the summer. Because everywhere you go is air conditioned. And I'm not even a big short wearer. It's skirts and t-shirts. And sometimes, 3 blankets, and a heating pad isn't enough to warm you up! Plus, you don't have to shovel sunshine! Ever. But cold? I hate being cold. It seeps into my fingers and toes and doesn't go away. Plus, I like sun. I miss weather a little bit, but I love seeing the sun all the time. Enjoy your frost! It's a 'chilly' 68 here. We played at the park and went for a walk. *I have lived in the cold. And was just back in Utah last week with their high of 45! No, thank you.
  15. The best part of moving form colder states to Hot Nevada? My kid does not have to wear a snowsuit, or winter jacket under his costume! Embrace the spring, especially if your Halloween is warmer.