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  1. I have lots of little things I like... I dabble in photography a little, I make bird toys for my parrots, costumes for my kids (as long as it doesn't require sewing), etc etc but mostly I just love to read. BUT I hate e-readers. I'm an avid book book reader (anyone remember that awesome Ikea commercial?!) and I have to time my reading adventures well because once I start a book, I will only put it down to feed my children, not even myself. Lol... I'm a "one more chapter" person and will go without food, sleep, showers etc until I'm finished with my book. Haha
  2. You ARE?! You must be on some good allergy meds then?! Lol...
  3. Scrapping is my "me time" but since I'm on a lot of creative teams sometimes it's more like a job. (One I love, don't get me wrong, but there's a "have to" feel to it some days.) SO, when I'm really going for the down time feel, I lock myself in my room and soak in the whirlpool tub with a book.
  4. Hahaha this is more than you probably want to know, but I make my hubby pluck out the random grey hairs I find. I ask him if he will go "rabbit hunting" (grey hare) with me. Lol.... I'm avoiding dye-ing my hair as long as possible b/c I loathe the dried out feeling of it afterwards.
  5. I love being able to hide in an oversized hoodie! Comfy clothes are the best!
  6. Wow, this is awesome! I love the newspaper style and the extra details you added, like seeds and the description of the perfect pumpkin!
  7. September 2017 Champions

    Created for the September 2017 Champions Strategy: Heritage using the kit provided: Yesterdays by Etc. by Danyale.
  8. It really is! I love seeing what spoke to each person on the page they received. Plus, you pretty much have to create the page free-hand so I think it's good practice for me as I'm a template girl through and through!
  9. Very cool!
  10. This is beautiful! The red is such a rich color and you repeat it so well throughout your page!
  11. I am an Apple girl all the way but I traded my iPhone for a Samsung S7 edge last year b/c the camera on it is amazing! I do miss the compatibility between my products but I think I will be sticking with Samsung as long as the camera quality is top notch!
  12. At another site I participate at we sometimes play "telephone" with our layouts. It's not really a challenge, just for fun but I think you could make it into one! The first person creates a layout and passes it on to the next who takes inspiration from the original and then forwards hers onto the following person. I think we usually play with about 8 people or so and no one sees the other layouts, just the one forwarded on to them, and in the end they all get posted in order so we can see the evolution of the first page to the last page. It's really fun to see everyone's personal styles come out and to see what they took as inspiration from the person before them.
  13. So cute!
  14. Looks like a fun vacation! Love the page especially the doodle clouds!
  15. This is so sweet Holly! I totally love it!