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  1. The only failure is the one where we don't even try. Progress is progress even if it's in small amounts! I've been working on my family's Disney album for over a year and am STILL not done! But I am definitely one of those people who shapes up for an accountability partner (which you guys are!) so I promised myself that I WILL get it done for sure! Plus we're going to Disneyland this fall and I do not want to start the next vacation album without finishing the first one!
  2. Cute! Love the bold, split background!
  3. Welcome to Scrapaneers Project Scrap -- a six week, motivational challenge to FINISH a scrapbook album (or long-term project) that's important to you, yet remains unfinished. Project Scrap is NOT a marathon to complete all of the projects you've ever wanted to work through. Project Scrap is a commitment to finish one project within six weeks using motivation + accountability + habits. Why Project Scrap? Find out here How will Project Scrap work? Here are a few details: The third Project Scrap begins Monday, July 24th and runs until Sunday, September 3rd. You'll start by simply joining the Start Thread on July 24th and telling us the project you're trying to finish by September 3rd. And then you get busy doing it! There will be one weekly check in thread to share your progress, share layouts, discuss your frustrations, get inspired, praise achievements, etc. Many on the Scrapaneers Staff, will join you. You can participate in any or all of them, but you'll want to commit from the start. They're free! Project Scrappers will get a few incentives PLUS some cool forum --siggie-- badges to show off. Each participant will be entered into a random drawing to win a Scrapaneers class of their choice (total $50 value). You must commit to a project in this start thread and share your progress for each week check-in to be eligible for the drawing. Only one winner will be chosen. Much like other accountability groups, Project Scrap will allow you to connect with other like-minded scrapbookers who also need a push to get some THING done! Count me in! What do I do now? Decide which project you'd like to work on for the next six weeks. Come back on July 24th and announce your commitment in the Start Thread. That's it (for now)!
  4. Gorgeous! Love the photos and the hinges on your photos!
  5. All those little arrows are so fun! Love it!
  6. Awesome page! It totally feels like a step back in time!
  7. Awe, this is so whimsical and cute!
  8. Here's mine! I used this layered template by Studio DoubleD but I really just wanted the "bones" of the template so deleted pretty much everything but that off. ]
  9. Cute! I love the "supporting details" photos! I'm always making my poor family stop so I can get the extra photos too!
  10. Ha! This is so cute! My fur(and feathered) babies are super spoiled too!
  11. Awesome page Amie! Such sweet photos to scrap and you did it beautifully!
  12. Gorgeous photos Kathy! I never have any luck capturing photos either! I love your wavy paper borders too! It reminds me of a rippling flag.
  13. Wow, that shadow on your photos is amazing! Love this page!
  14. Congratulations ladies! Enjoy your classes!
  15. Oooh, I love the retro photos and the [fishing] title!! I struggle with how to scrap my old photos with modern kits. I think I'll take a page from your book!