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  1. They're super awesome Kat! I'm glad to see you continuing on with your project! It's going to be a work of art when you're finished!
  2. Thank you to everyone who participated in Project Scrap: Summer 2017! I really enjoyed watching everyone's projects come together and seeing the support and encouragement you guys all provided each other! I am excited to announce the winner for Project Scrap Summer: Barbaraj! Congratulations Barbara! Check your PM's for a message from me regarding the details for claiming your prize!
  3. Looking good Sue! I really like the clean white background and the titles/explanations on the photos!
  4. Your book is going to be so detailed and beautiful! LOVE these!
  5. Yay you did it! Great job! I really enjoyed seeing your album come together and I am sure you are thrilled to have your book in hand to enjoy over and over again too!
  6. I thought they might be the same ones! I really love the simple look too and I think you could get a project done quickly this way! I love how yours is coming along! Now I justneed to decide what trip I want to document with these!
  7. This is it ladies! The last week of our little challenge! I can't believe a month and a half has flown by already! How are your projects looking? Is anyone close to being finished or already have finished?! As you know I finished my project and was waiting to show you guys the finished result. I did get my order in and it came with double printed pages. Boooo! So I'm delayed yet again sending it to my mother in law and I'm dying to see/hear her reaction! Lol.. But at least the company is sending me a new one free of charge (it was a production error, not an upload error) so I have a spare, albeit slightly flawed, copy. As far as my personal yearbook project for my girls, I got pretty much nothing done this week. *sigh* I did get some more cards cut out but that's it. It was a very busy week for my girls with back to school activities coupled with my brain seeming to be stuck inside the digital box. I am having a hard time with the piles and piles of papers and not being able to easily resize them to fit like I would on a digital layout so I might end up switching to digital after all! Does anyone else struggle with that issue? Do you have a work around? I think it's mostly in my head and once I figure something out I'll be able to push through a gain but getting started is always the hardest part isn't it? Well ok, now it's your turn! Share your pages, share your accomplishments, share your frustrations, just chat, let's hear it ladies!
  8. I SO love those! I actually just bought some templates from Anita Designs that look a lot like these b/c I was just in awe of the clean feel of them! They're totally not my personal style but I really love the photo journalist feel of them. I love how the photos and the words tell the story without lots of pretties distracting from them. Your little splashes of color the create just the right amount of visual interest too!
  9. I don't think they're "stiff" but the first two are different styles, less structured, than the rest so maybe that's what you're seeing? I agree with Courtney about switching out the papers. I don't think the red doesn't go, b/c the red in the shirts/flag etc but I think a navy blue or that light green would tie in better? Though I have been known to try out a dozen papers only to go with my first choice in the end anyways. Lol..
  10. Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Were any of you able to get any work on your project done or did real life take over? I had hoped that my printed album would be delivered by now so I could share with you the project in real life but I was notified there's a production delay and it won't here in the time frame they gave me. Boo. BUT I did decide on a new project this weekend so I'll share with you what I am starting next! I've been piling my girls' school artwork, report cards, mementos, etc for years into Sterilite totes, never really knowing what to do with them but certainly not wanting to throw them away. I had thought that I would photograph/scan them all in one day and I even bought a really nice document scanner that can do something like 40 or 60 pages at a time but it's not the quality I had hoped for so I've sat paralyzed with it for awhile. I've decided to go old school with this one and make a paper/hybrid album using supplies I had from before my digital days. I have tons of Project Life pocket sleeves from Becky Higgins and this digital album I bought years ago. This weekend I worked on creating PDF's from the digital files (b/c I don't like the size the album came and have been printing the cards at home. I had saved this blogpost on Pinterest and I plan to do something like this! So I'm just in the very very beginning stages but here's my first {Work In Progress} photo! Sorry it's so dark. It's been raining and storming here all night! So now it's your turn! Share with me what you've gotten done, or maybe what you haven't but wished you did. Any frustrations or distractions you'd like to vent about or maybe you'd like to boast on how far you've gotten! Share away ladies!
  11. I finally got a chance to play along! Neither of my girls likes contact sports (they're delicate and feminine little creatures) but they do love their dance classes so I scrapped about their most recent dance recital!
  12. Wow, lots of big life happenings for you Sue! Best of luck with the transition to your new job and staying sane and alive with a teenager behind the wheel!
  13. Yay Amie! Those are beautiful pages! I hovered for a bit over that bundle thinking I might need to buy it too b/c it's so darn pretty! (I decided I'd better not or I'd need ALL the pieces and I already do that with several other Disney collections out there! Lol)
  14. You can totally do it! You're gaining momentum and your album is coming together so well! It's so motivating to see it take shape isn't it?!
  15. These are beautiful! I love the clean lines of your pages!