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  1. I'mma back! I've been out of town during most of my free time this last three weeks. Lots of new memories to scrap. But part of knowing I'd be out of town was also planning a return to finish my album. And that's what this week is all about FOR ME. Working on my project and enjoying the process! Where are you at right now? How are you feeling about your process?
  2. Hey Kelly! Thank you. Always happy to enable.
  3. Hello scrappy friends! Time for the first weekly check-in for Project Scrap Winter. Hopefully, by now, you've been able to at least gather all of your supplies and pledge to get started. Or you actually started! How much were you able to accomplish this week? Run into frustrations, hiccups or perpetual slow downs while trying to work on your pages? Chase shiny objects? I was able to build one page out of the (at least) eleven that I need to build. The right-side of a double-layout. This week was 'tougher' because I had a lot of work commitments overlapping my free-time. And this week will probably be the same. However, if I can finish at least one double-page spreads each week, I'll still reach my target by the end. So two pages a week -- totally doable. Your turn!
  4. Not too late at all! Just visit our Week 1 thread and sign yourself up there -- you can simply copy and paste the project you wrote above -- and you're in! All the details are explained here in the week 1 thread: Glad to have you!
  5. Hi fellow Project Scrappers. Just dropping by to talk about something we ALL tend to do when we're starting a new project. We chase shiny objects! What are shiny objects? Things that bling, or catch our attention, and don't help us focus on our final goal. In this case, it's a finished project! Why should you think about, or be aware of, your shiny objects? Because when you're aware of those shiny objects, you can be more mindful when you sit down to scrapbook and try hard to avoid them! And avoiding them will hopefully allow you to get closer to your projects' finish line. Some of my most common shiny objects related to scrapbooking are: Reorganizing everything on my computer -- photos, downloads, etc. My thinking is that it will be easier for me to find things (later) if I reorganize all of it now. The problem with chasing this kind of shiny object is: you're not starting on your project. Trust me, all of your computer files and folders will still be there after you finish your project. So, instead of feeling like you have to clean up your digital space before you begin, simply create one folder and add all of your products that you want to use plus pictures for the one project. Leave the rest alone. That way, you can get started instead of chasing organization nirvana. Retagging or tagging everything. My thinking is that I'll be able to search for things quicker that I'll need if I tag everything I haven't yet tagged to start. But, similar to the issue above: you're still not starting your project! You're doing something helpful, yes. But it's busy work. So, instead of feeling like you have to properly label everything, don't! Leave it for a later date when you're not in a Project Completion mode, which is what we are indeed in and committed to for the next 6 weeks! After you finish your project, then commit to reorganizing, retagging, and/or setting up a better organization system. Do it during your downtime. Re-editing photos or endless editing. My thinking is that I want my pictures to look perfect on every page. The reality is, you can tweak those photos to death but there's no need. Our focus is getting the projects done! Speed. And when you increase the speed of your production, you have to accept that a portion of your creativity will decrease. And that's okay! It's completely okay to sacrifice some processes (like superior photo edits) to get the memory recorded and into your album. So, instead of editing each photo with tons of actions or filters to get just the right effect, do this: Correct the white balance. Decide if it should be color or black and white. If color, add a boost to saturation if it needs it and get back to your page. If black and white, transform it into black and white, add contrast if it needs and get back to your page. Those are the top 3 shiny objects that I chase and, eventually, slow me down when I jump into an album. A few honorable mentions include: Getting stuck on social media -- turn it off if it's a distraction. Or build a page for 15 - 45 minutes and reward yourself with a peek at social media after. Deep diving into my stash or looking for new products on product sites -- would LOVE to hear how you manage this shiny object. Not knowing what to write for my journaling and not moving forward with the design -- leave space for the journaling and come back later. So, what shiny objects do you chase?
  6. Okay, so I'm first. I'm committing to finishing my elusive Project Life 2015 album. I typically create one double-spread layout for each month. But I just haven't been able to keep up with the album. And I'd like to get started on my 2016 album. So within the next 6 weeks, I'm going to FINALLY finish. My starting point can be found here: I like to keep things pretty simple so I'll ONLY use products from The Lilypad's Memory Pockets Monthly collections. And my own layered window-system templates. Good luck to er'body!
  7. Hi everyone! Welcome to the first week of our first every Project Scrap marathon. What is Project Scrap? Find out here. All you need do to get started with Project Scrap Winter 2017: Share in this post below the project you are committed to finishing in 6 weeks -- on Monday, March 13. Progress Check Ins each week: Every Monday, a new Check-In post will pop up where you can share your progress. Share images you've completed in our gallery. Enable products. Discuss roadblocks. Start new threads. And cheer your fellow Project Scrapper's on. You can also create your own thread to keep track of your progress. Check in anytime during that week by posting an update. Incentives: Your own finished project at the end of 6 weeks! We ALL can win. Each participant will be entered into a random drawing to win a Scrapaneers class of their choice (total $50 value). You must commit to a project in this start thread and share your progress for each week check-in (a total of 5 check-ins) to be eligible for the drawing. Only one 'winner' will be chosen. Share Your Projects: You can also create your own thread to keep track of your progress + images. And you can also add your images in our Project Scrap Gallery Please note: If you add your image to the Project Scrap Gallery first, you can simply copy and paste the URL of the gallery page and our forum will hot-link to your page. Look at my post below for as an example. Include the Winter 2017 Project Scrap flair in your signature: Grab it in my signature Directions on how to add it the flair to your signature are right here. More flair will be added over time on this post. Flair or siggie badges are a great reminder that you're working towards something. That's it! And here's to happy scrapbooking.
  8. You are SO welcome! Did you enjoy your trip? My husband and I have an England and France trip planned for April. He's been pulling my arm to change it to something tropical, but I REALLY want to see Europe.
  9. That's awesome! I'm going to pledge to finish my Project Life 2015 album that just refuses to complete it's self. It's like it needs my help.
  10. Welcome to Scrapaneers Project Scrap -- a six week, motivational challenge to FINISH a scrapbook album (or long-term project) that's important to you, yet remains unfinished. Project Scrap is NOT a marathon to complete all of the projects you've ever wanted to work through. Project Scrap is a commitment to finish one project within six weeks using motivation + accountability + habits. Why Project Scrap? I personally have a lot of unfinished albums and projects on my digital shelf. Let's face it, life is busy! Still, I want to make a concentrated effort to wrap up the stories I've been meaning to cement on paper for a long time. The commitment is the only thing that stands in the way of completing my long-term projects. So, it's time to get committed, and I welcome you to join us here at Scrapaneers to do it for yourself too. Project Scrap is the tool we'll use to get our long-term projects done. How will Project Scrap work? Scrapaneers will host four Project Scrap 6 week marathons in 2017. Here are a few details: The first Project Scrap begins Monday, January 30 and runs until Monday, March 13. You'll start by simply joining the Start Thread on January 30 and telling us the project you're trying to finish by March 13. And then you get busy doing it! There will be one weekly check in thread to share your progress, share layouts, discuss your frustrations, get inspired, praise achievements, etc. Many on the Scrapaneers Staff, including myself, will join you. I'll also post some helpful tips along the way. You can participate in any or all of them, but you'll want to commit from the start. They're free! Project Scrappers will get a few incentives PLUS some cool forum --siggie-- badges to show off. Much like other accountability groups, Project Scrap will allow you to connect with other like-minded scrapbookers who also need a push to get some THING done! Count me in! What do I do now? Decide which project you'd like to work on for the next six weeks. Come back on January 30 and announce your commitment on the Start Thread. That's it (for now)!
  11. Here it is! And the lucky random winner of an ENTIRE YEAR OF CLASSES is ... JudyMac CONGRATULATIONS!!! Judy has been a long time student of Scrapaneers so I'm sure she'll appreciate this amazing gift. Judy, send us a Support Ticket at Kathy will give you the details of how to redeem your classes. I am so happy for you! To everyone else, thank you so much for completing all of our challenges this past week. Everyone is a winner. Within this week, we'll be sending you a small gift for completing the challenges too!
  12. QPIX! You are the random winner for this challenge! Congratulations. Please connect with me at http://scrapaneers.c...tudent-support/ and we will send you a coupon code for a Scrapaneers class of your choosing! Yea!
  13. scrapping5150: Your turn!!! You are the random winner for this challenge! Congratulations. Please connect with me at http://scrapaneers.c...tudent-support/ and I will arrange your $25 gift certificate to the designer of your choosing! Congrats again! Thank you everyone for your submissions!
  14. HI Ania! You are the random winner for this challenge! Congratulations. Please connect with me at http://scrapaneers.c...tudent-support/ and I will arrange your $25 gift certificate to Persnickety Prints! Congratulations again! Thank you all for playing. I always enjoy looking at the challenge layouts and seeing how the inspiration inspired.
  15. MinorScraps, Christine! You are the random winner for this challenge! Congratulations. Please connect with me at and I will arrange your $25 gift certificate to the store of your choosing! Wonderful layouts everyone.