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  1. I really love this is so clean but has such great focus and I love the top down style. I need to try that myself. I like how you stacked additional pictures of the flowers next to the phone with one image on it. So cute.
  2. Beautiful page, Marilyn! The colors you chose really make the pictures pop and the pictures are so wonderful.
  3. Amazing page, Cassie! I love the arrangement of the picture and embellishments and how you tucked your journaling in between.
  4. Beautiful, Amie! Love the colors and the diagonal journaling and embellishments.
  5. Love this! I was so inspired by her class and can't wait to use those brushes!
  6. This one is my it!
  7. Here is mine...poster posted with page in the challenge gallery...based on an Inside Out movie poster from Disney-Pixar.
  8. Outside In

    I chose Disney-Pixar's Inside Out movie poster for my inspiration for my Outside In page.
  9. Silk Mill

    Participated in Scrapaneers LIVE yesterday and Tiffany did an amazing class called Prism...totally out of my normal "box" but I liked it. Here is the page I did this morning with my own pictures. A little more fiddling with gradient colors and blend modes and it will be perfect!
  10. Wow, I love these! I think this will be a hard challenge for me...I hope I can do as nice a job as you all have done!
  11. Kellie...the G is such a great shape for this and you used it to point to your title, journaling and cool! I like that the focus is really on the pictures and not as much on everything else. Great job! By the way, I had no idea anyone named a dinosaur after me! LOL
  12. Beautiful page! I love the blending, soft look and texture of it along with the sewn photo and the stain used to outline the journaling. Great job.
  13. Great page! Such a nice tribute to her 3rd birthday...her pictures are so cute and the colors are so happy. Love your title work and your embellishments.
  14. Really great, Christa! The theme is so cute, made me think of my many coffee "addict" friends...they would love this. I like that you took and everyday subject and made it interesting and personal, using a picture of yourself. I don't do that often. The title work, word are and embellishments just finish it so nicely.
  15. Aw, this is such a cute page! I love all the shapes, the repetition of the 1, and all her lovely pictures. Great job!