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  1. Well, I didn't make too much progress these past two weeks. I am on overload right now, just having started a new job at a college at the beginning of the semester. Have to play catch up! Anyway, I did re-do the two pages I didn't like and I finished one single. Have about four more started, just can't get time to finish them! I think I'll be participating in the next Project Scrap as well!
  2. I have really enjoyed your beach relaxing and pretty!
  3. Wow, you made such great progress! Love your pages!
  4. What is the size of your smaller file? I'm not sure if this would help you at all, but here are Kathy's instructions for posting gallery images. Sometimes even when I reduce the quality it is still too high and I have to keep reducing the pixels (in Photoshop). What program do you use? @Katherine Engelhardt, any ideas?
  5. Oh no! What do you think is going on with the uploading? Anything we can do to help?
  6. Thanks ladies...I think you are both right...that was what I thought of that might be wrong...I will give them another go!
  7. Cassie, your new project sounds so cute! I had started to photograph my son's work but haven't gotten very far with it yet. I did make some progress this week...decided they were better displayed side by side...they look a little more normal this way! If you all could help me with the last pair, that would be great. I may have to do them over as I don't like the feel of them with everything else I've done. I'm not sure why! They just don't look right to me. Very stiff. Pictures were horrible and editing didn't help much, hence the need for a filter and extraction.
  8. He is actually a really good driver (much better than my husband, but don't tell him I said that!)! I am lucky because I feared it sooooo much! LOL
  9. Wow, you all have done some amazing pages...and Cassie, congrats on finishing yours! I did not make a lot of progress this week. I will, hopefully, get some done this weekend. Been having a hard time keeping up with everything lately since I am wrapping up one job just when the semester starts and starting another one that has a lot more responsibility. A little scared. In the meantime, trying to get my kid's driving hours in so he can get his license and gearing up for school to begin. Never enough time!
  10. Well, I had a crazy week/weekend and didn't get as much done as I wanted to. I finished the second in my Manhattan 2-pager and started on the first page in another 2-pager but it's not quite sitting right with me. Hopefully I'll have more time this week.
  11. Love these pages, Jennifer...especially the one with all the kids standing against the wall...that is such a great photo!
  12. Great pages, Karen! I saw them in the gallery and really loved the composition and colors.
  13. Wow, Cassie, you are making great pages and great progress!
  14. Thanks Amy! Well, now I've played with it and I like it less and didn't save a different version! LOL I will have to go through and turn things on and off to get it back to where it was....probably need a break from this one for a bit!
  15. Well, funny enough, this hike was in poor weather! Although I did try to add blue at the bottom (which is a paint in an Artsy Kard by Anna A) I don't think I added enough for balance. I'll add more and see if it makes more "sense" to me! I think I'll play with the photomask and pine trees as well. I don't like the pine coming out of the one kid's head! Thanks for responding...I appreciate the feedback.