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  1. Well, I didn't make too much progress these past two weeks. I am on overload right now, just having started a new job at a college at the beginning of the semester. Have to play catch up! Anyway, I did re-do the two pages I didn't like and I finished one single. Have about four more started, just can't get time to finish them! I think I'll be participating in the next Project Scrap as well!
  2. I have really enjoyed your beach relaxing and pretty!
  3. Wow, you made such great progress! Love your pages!
  4. Super cute page! The close-up photos are great and all the details really tell the story!
  5. Great page! The colors are so beautiful and the clusters are amazing!
  6. This is beautiful...somehow it looks clean and simple, but it is anything but! The colors are so striking and happy and the painted/stamped details as so much texture and interest. Great job!
  7. Really love the composition of this page...the photos stand out and yet the papers and elements are everywhere and really frame the photos. Great job!
  8. Art

    Wow, beautiful page and the detail is just is the shadowing! I really love the free-form look of this page although I'm sure it took a lot of time to carefully place all these elements. Great job!
  9. What a beautiful, clean page! It looks so relaxing and the picture just welcomes you in.
  10. This is so beautiful...I really like the treatment you did with the bird photo and how you incorporated all of these colors (brushes etc.) into a seamless composition. It looks like a mixed media "painting." Great job!
  11. Oh my gosh, I love this! Super fun and expressive. The hair, sketchy outlines and floral elements are amazing!
  12. This is an amazing page...I love the photo manipulation and the thought you put into the colors, paints and brushes. Really comes together so nicely...and the message is wonderful.
  13. I can't explain why, exactly, but this is my favorite page yet! I love the photo treatment, texture, butterflies, cluster and just totally comes together. Oh, and did I mention the pink! Love. You did a great job.
  14. Gorgeous! I just love everything about this!
  15. Love that you used brushes and styles to create texture. His picture is awesome and I hope he has a wonderful experience! Great job on the page!