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  1. So cool! I love the monotone color scheme! Great job with her arms/feet out of bounds too!
  2. Lol I LOVE your title work! So fun and a perfect style to capture these memories!
  3. I have been slacking this go-around too- my kids are just crazy busy this time of year! I'm actually looking forward to the slower pace of summer! I'm off the rest of this week to tag along with my hubby to vegas for his work convention- but I do want to get a few more of our disney album done!
  4. Totally Awesome Pg2

    KIT: Totally by Meagan's Creations TEMPLATE: Champions May 2017 Double Template by Simply Tiffany
  5. Totally Awesome pg1

    KIT: Totally by Meagan's Creations TEMPLATE: Champions May 2017 Double Template by Simply Tiffany
  6. SO fun! I can't wait to start this month's lessons!
  7. Wonderful! I love how you've grunged up your journaling!
  8. Oh my I love this. Your journaling is so touching. What a life you've lived. Beautifully scrapped. I LOVE the circle- like your journaling 'full circle!' Thank you for sharing!
  9. I was slammed with nsd- and haven't made any layouts- however- I am ready to get the ball rolling since I purchased the rest of my disney supplies while the stores had such great sale!
  10. This is gorgeous! I love how you can't tell where your photos and where the papers start. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Gorgeous Kathy! It's tough sometimes to 'put it out there' but often times- it feels good once it's done right?
  12. I'm using this weekend & all the good sales to stock up on my supplies for my disney album! Such great deals on all the fun disney themed supplies!
  13. Beautiful Judy! Fantastic extraction! Congrats on your winning layout!
  14. Adorable! I love the story you provided along with it too! I've always thought about- what would another child have looked like or what personality traits would another have... because like you said- they are all so different!
  15. Congrats to all the winner! Thanks for the fun challenge Kathy!