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  1. Wonderful! Isn't it great to use all our tricks from past month's together! Art is limitless!
  2. This is gorgeous! I love the red! Your photos are stunning!
  3. This was a tough one for me! Not my favorite style- but still ended up liking my layout! My Poster: My Layout:
  4. Happy Place

    KIT: A Summer Story by Studio Flergs Trolls Poster from
  5. Beautiful Marilyn! I love the grid style with the fun artsy stuff in the background! The colors are just gorgeous!
  6. SO flippin' cute! LOVE the large photo- such a great moment to capture!
  7. Beautiful Cassie! I love that the journaling is hard to read- makes it easier to say the harder things that you don't need the world to read! I love your flower cluster & the b&w photo pops against all the bright colors!
  8. This is gorgeous! Great job! I love the photo on the phone as well as the polaroid!
  9. Lol I love the scattered stores! I just need to get myself a tablet now...
  10. I've had the urge to switch to Iphone from android- but I would lose all the apps I've paid for! I've just recently dove into the app scrapping thing & there are some really good work-arounds for android. I have done some research & so far I've been happy with Pixellab & Phonto as well as Piclab studio (and of course the project life app!) I need to figure out how I will store my kits tho- as I have them all on my ehd- which my phone does not have access to remotely. When I was on a trip last week- I figured out ahead of time what kits/cards to use & put them in my dropbox. I also don't keep all my photos on my phone- but they can be easily accessed with Google Photos. Hope that helps- don't feel like you HAVE to switch to Iphone- but if you're upgrading already...
  11. Wonderful! I'm super excited to try them out even with no tablet!
  12. SO cool! I love your title change too!
  13. Hello This is Me

    I loved the idea of using small, scripty journaling to 'get it out' but not all the way out! I don't often scrap about me & my thoughts- so this was a fun one & definitely out of my normal box! KIT: Shroom to Grow by Brooke Magee TEMPLATE: April Champions Template by Crystal Livesay
  14. I need to check this one out- your layout is stunning! I LOVE the leaves in the background!
  15. SO cool! I love the b&w image! Great work for the challenge! I'm still stumped!