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  1. HA! If only because I get my days off back to myself- then yes! But we're having a fun time so far!
  2. Love the crops of the photos too & the action shots! VEry playful layout!
  3. LOVE the large photo background! Well planned double layout!
  4. Great photos! That background has so much awesome texture too!
  5. Great double layout! I love all the detail shots- especially the watch capturing the time- SO cool!
  6. I love the large photo too & the quote word art is super!
  7. Gah those lashes! SO gorgeous- all of it! I love the crop of the photo on those beautiful eyes!
  8. I will go Anywhere with you

    KIT: Off We Go by Amber Labau: TEMPLATE: July 2017 Simple Scrapbooks Template by Scrapaneers Champions
  9. THis is so cool! I agree that I keep seeing something new that I love! Especially the vintage photos!
  10. Wow those photos are so cool- I love how you blended them together!
  11. SO cute! I lvoe the inked edges & the clean/messy balance!
  12. SO cool! I love how every time I look at this layout- I see something else I love! SO much going one but it's beautiful!
  13. That Pocket full of flowers is the coolest thing I've seen today! So fun!
  14. I love the framing of the photo off-kilter! Definitely eye catching!
  15. LOL I LOVE the fish! So fun with those awesome older photos!