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  1. Love the blocking! So many awesome patterned papers just makes my heart sing!
  2. That large photo is just awesome! Most of the older photos I have of family are such poor quality- I could never enlarge them that big! SO cool!
  3. I'll look into it for you Felis! Kathy is on vacation- so that may be why you haven't heard from her! I or someone will get back to you asap!
  4. We are going to Mexico for Christmas! YAY! Now- the planning. Where should we go? We want to stay on the West side of the country 1. travel times are faster & 2. Hurricanes! Where is your favorite Mexican destination? Rules- 1. All inclusive 2. Kid friendly 3. OCEAN front! Thanks in advance!
  5. LOVE the frame Li li! Gorgeous shadowing as well!
  6. DUDE! Kathy this is SO cool! I love the story you told in your journaling- but how awesome is it that you also talked about the ORIGINAL documents & the ring!? LOVE!
  7. Gorgeous! I love the clean, white space with those fantastic shadows! WHat a cool photo to have!
  8. Nanny

    KIT: Yesterdays by Etc. by Danyale TEMPLATE: September 2017 Heritage Template by Scrapaneers Champions
  9. Weirdly enough- I don't photograph many of them! I'll have to start!
  10. Last night my hubby & I were fighting over the heat pad!!! I needed it more because my lower back has been bothering me from work, he was sore & tired from golfing all week. After arguing about it- we both started laughing about how 'old' we are now!!! How about you? What is something you & your spouse do that makes you an old married couple!?
  11. Beautifully scrapped! I love your photos!
  12. I just LOVE your journaling here! So clean but bright & fun!
  13. LOL that might be my favorite journal card ever! SOO Cute!
  14. LOVE this style Kathy! So fresh & clean but LOVE those pumpkin patch photos!
  15. So beautiful Sheri! I love how you have mixed the artsy background with the super large (fantastically shadowed) clusters!