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  1. I am a TOTAL Black Fridayer! I get ALL my shopping done & out of the way! I am all about the planning & have gotten some great deals in the process! The last few years, I've done about 50% online tho- so that changes things a bit. THIS year- we are out of town (flying to my uncles' in Phoenix) so that really hinders my BF shopping. I will probably do ALL online this year.
  2. All our stuff is in the basement (tree included!) and my hubby lovey had surgery on his ankle- so it's the kids & I hauling it up... we'll see how we do! In years' past- I left it mostly decorated & just carried it downstairs & threw a tree cover over the top! This year, we have a new tree that I got right after Christmas last year since our lights were all burnt out & broken on our old one!
  3. We're doing it today/tomorrow!
  4. Thank you to everyone that played along in this first half of the month's challenge! Thank you for sharing your favorites with us. The winners are listed below: (1) $30.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - Tammy Zautner (1) $20.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - crazsquaw (1) $10.00 discount coupon towards a class of your choice - skivvy When you are ready to use your discount coupon please contact Student Support with the name of the class you would like to apply it to since coupons are class specific. Prizes in the challenges can be saved and combined for purchasing a class or event. Any balance after purchasing a class will be forfeited. Thank you again for joining the challenge! The next half is up HERE!
  5. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for playing along!
  6. I'm a reader- usually a traditional book- or on my phone. The kids end up with my nook for games & sometimes movies
  7. Chester Seahawks

    KIT: Little Fantasy by Holliewood Studios Champions November 2017
  8. SO awesome! I love the photo letters!
  9. Oh man- Pumpkin Pie is one of my faves too! Thanks for playing along!
  10. Awesome! Thanks for playing along! I never say we are 'behind' since everyday is a new scrap layout right!? We're just always catching up!
  11. I got one done for my disney album this week! Yahoo! I also did a couple layouts with kit(s) I had purchased & were in my 'to-do' folder. While not a part of my disney album- I still call that a win for things checked off my to do list!
  12. That's when we would normally- after black friday shopping of course! But we come home from Phoenix saturday night & I'm just not thinking I will want to do it on Sunday!
  13. I love that frame! And I agree completely with Danica- your clusters are perfect! Thanks for playing along with us!
  14. Never too late! Thanks for playing!
  15. So Gorgeous! I LOVE all the textures! Thanks for playing along with us!