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    Scrapping (duh), reading, baking/cooking, and photography. I love NASCAR and camping. I am obsessed with estate sales and auctions.
    I also have an addiction to words with friends and draw something lol.

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  1. Gorgeous Mary!
  2. Great job Suzanne. Love the huge spatters.
  3. I knew this was your before clicking! You are incredible and so fantastic in ALL genres of styles. This is fantastic! I can't even begin to word how talented I think you are. Thank you for inspiring me!
  4. Wowzers! Another amazing page!
  5. So pretty! Great photos.
  6. This is art! Beautiful interpretation!
  7. This is awesome. Love the hidden faces.
  8. This is cool Norma! Well done.
  9. Stunning Sonja! I love how it's coming right at you.
  10. I knew this was yours. Just amazing as always my friend xx
  11. Love the big bold lettering on this. The colour palette is amazing.
  12. Wonderfully dreamy look. Love the soft photo,
  13. Bowing down to greatness....
  14. justtrace-finalentry.jpg

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