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  1. Great Take on the Champions lesson. I need to Explore more.
  2. This layout screams fun to me. The colors, the layout, etc.. are full of energy.
  3. Great Circles. The ornament shapes really support the theme of the layout. I'm off to find the ornament template.
  4. Life does bring us Change.. Great page to remind us to make positive changes in our life.
  5. Praying you succeed at chasing your dream. Great page to remind us all to work for our dreams and not to take all our blessing for granted.
  6. I love how you used the Winter Magic kit in a totally unexpected way.
  7. Great minimalist page. I really like the blue with the tan background.
  8. I love your positive response to broken Christmas ornaments... I probably would have just considered it another mess to clean up and not seen the joy in the sparkle. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Beautiful page! Praying for your Healing. Keep Believing, it's worth the fight.
  10. What a fantastic adventure! I'm sure this will be a forever memory. I really love how the photo spills out of the frame and the snowy mountain background.
  11. I agree, the monochromatic page with the pop of red are really pretty.
  12. Thanks for the recipe Jen, that look delicious.
  13. Great blended photo.
  14. I really love the full page width photo and the staples on the upper right.
  15. I really liked the additional of the triangle shaped patterned paper.