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  1. The photo was perfect for this page technique. Simple and beautiful.
  2. I love how the falling leaves led my eye through the page.
  3. I sometimes struggle with masks and artsy pages as well. The thing for me is that there are far more choices and decisions to make then just squares or rectangles in other page styles. I think your page look great and you will have more confidence the more you play around.
  4. Love this! We all feel this craziness of our wonderfully beautiful lives and you captured it perfectly.
  5. your Topiary tree is really cute. Everything works really well for this page.
  6. so pretty. I always learn so much in Anna's classes.
  7. I don't think it's to much at all. This page designs allows for more with out feeling cluttered. I really like your soccer embellishment cluster.
  8. What a great idea to change her dress color. I never would have thought about that.
  9. My eyes were drawn from the bottom of the page to the photos by your blended bridge photo. It is subtle, but so important to the page composition. Well done!
  10. Yes! I agree this looks like a book cover, maybe the title page for her scrapbook. I love the bold simplicity of this.
  11. Great extraction and blended photo in the background. I love your take on this challenge.
  12. What a fun idea. I am really enjoying everyone's layouts so far.
  13. Great Puzzle page. I really like your take on this month's techniques.
  14. At first glance, I thought the photo had a tile like filter added to it. Then I read your description. What beautiful cross stitch and what fun to find it later.
  15. I finished my son's poster, but I am still working on finishing his school album. I am very happy to have made progress.