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  1. Gorgeousness..just perfect!
  2. Absolute gorgeousness! Love how you centered your cluster. Love the large photo...Love everything!
  3. Hi Kathy! I sent you a pm on Facebook. Thought you were on vacation! It explains the issue. I have had it for awhile.
  4. Love your Layout Juli! I went in the opposite direction with mine. I am not "allowed" to upload the photo, so I will just have to insert the link. I will have Kathy look into this when she gets back from her much needed vacation. Love the mood board!
  5. Hello Fall

    This is for the September 15th mood board challenge.
  6. I pm'd you with a video Tiffany did about four years ago. It is free on the web. I will start looking through the classes to see if there is one that jumps out to me in regards to clustering.
  7. I traded my iphone in for a Samsung. I did not like the quality of the camera and find the Samsung is comparable to my DSLR.
  8. Cassie, that sounds like a lot of fun!
  9. Beautiful colors and your photos are just precious. I would change the large cluster lower right. Make it smaller so it doesn't over power the layout. Tiffany does beautiful clusters. Are you a Champs member?
  10. Gorgeousness! Love the photos and your clusters are gorgeous!
  11. Gorgeousness! Beautiful brushwork and I love the photo treatment.
  12. Gorgeousness!
  13. Gorgeousness!
  14. Gorgeousness!! This is absolutely beautiful!