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  1. Gorgeousness!!Love all the layering!! Great job on this Month's strategies.
  2. Gorgeousness! Love the angled photos and the journaling is perfect!
  3. Gorgeousness!! Beautifully layered. I just love how you stacked your photos on the edge.
  4. Gorgeousness! Colors absolutely compliment your mom! Love the blending.
  5. The-Reveal

    This month's Champs strategies were so much fun! I just love mixed media and no one does it like Tiffany! Love your style and the way you teach it! Can't wait to delve into part two! Kit is A Quiet Place by Captivated Visions. I made the word buttons using Traci Reed epoxy style which came with another Champs lesson.
  6. Gorgeousness! LOVE the photos!
  7. Gorgeousness Kathy! That photo is precious. Love the colors you chose!
  8. Gorgeousness! Beautifully masked!
  9. Love the picking!
  10. Soft and pretty!
  11. Love this! What an adorable photo! Beautifully done!
  12. Gorgeousness!! Love the journaling.
  13. Gorgeousness!
  14. Gorgeousness!
  15. Gorgeousness!