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  1. Gorgeousness!!
  2. Fun layout! Photos are adorable and I love the colors!
  3. Gorgeousness!
  4. Mom and Dad

    My mother and father sixty eight years ago. Kit is this month's champs Yesterday by Etc. by Danyale.
  5. Gorgeousness!
  6. Stunning! The colors are beautifully blended!
  7. Gorgeousness! Love the old red car. Fits in beautifully with this month's Champs.
  8. Silence

    Loving me some steampunk! I so enjoy this style and Tiffany as usual put her own stamp on it and brought it to the next level. Used this month's Champs Somewhere in Time by On a Whimsical Adventure.
  9. This is gorgeous! Love the double shots of steam
  10. Love at First Sight

    From the album blackkathy

    Jessie has loved Pink Bunny since she received him on Easter and has had him with her ever since. At 11 years old, there is no bedtime until Pink Bunny is in her arms. Kit is Lamours by Anna Aspnes and media hearts. I also did Cilenia Curtis's class on digital artistry..WOW!
  11. Adorable!
  12. I have a tendency to hold onto books as well. I love them. Simple as that and it is so difficult letting go of what you love! I would certainly keep your papers from college. Box 'em up. Another generation would certainly enjoy looking at them! So....I am no help.
  13. Beautifully done!
  14. Love the photo effects! What a fun page!
  15. Gorgeousness Lisa! Your clusters are perfect.
  16. Gorgeousness! That cluster is just perfect. Love love this kit too!
  17. Gorgeousness! Love the kaleidoscope effect and the photo is just breathtaking!
  18. Gorgeousness! Love the slant and the beautiful papers!
  19. Gorgeousness! LOVE the colors you chose.
  20. Gorgeousness!! Love all the splatters!
  21. Wow!! Loved the layouts you chose Danica! All gorgeous! I have already chosen mine!
  22. Gorgeousness!! Love the purple arrows and the seeds are a perfect touch!
  23. Gorgeousness!! Beautiful blending! Love your stamping and clusters too!
  24. Gorgeousness Aimee! I, too, wish my grandmother was still here. Not only to love on her, but to listen to her life's stories. It's funny, the older I got, the more interested in my heritage I became.
  25. Gorgeousness! Love those photos! Beautiful clustering.