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  1. Wonderful work putting together so many different items from different kits! Fantastic extraction. She's such a cute bat woman!
  2. hehehe What a fun and beautiful page! Super extraction!
  3. What a little sweetheart! Your clustering is amazing and I love the glitter shapes!
  4. Excellent work putting together those hexagons! I like how you changed up the colors in them for interest and variety. Super cute little girl too!
  5. Oh super work with this fun page! I love your page design and how you used the x's and o's box to divide and frame! The pictures all make me smile! Beautiful page!
  6. This is so neat! Love your theme and how you used the lines and placed the little guys on them! Excellent use of geometric shapes! Super page!
  7. This is SUPER Lynn! I have no idea what your fears about this are! LOVE your use of the rocks and banners! Such a cute photo as well. Having it in black and white looks so neat! Great job on this style!
  8. Fantasy--Gardening-web.jpg

    My DGD had a surprise when gardening! Kit Credit: Writing Love Stories At The Red Flower Shop by Lorie Davidson
  9. Really neat and well done, Trace! I like the color pop of the umbrella to pull her out of the scene. What a fantastic theme!!!! ♥
  10. Tied-dow---webn.jpg

    Life has many of us tied down by different afflictions that we can't escape from, but it doesn't mean that you can't have a free soul & spirit that enjoys life. Credits: Coming Home Berna Date - green paper - Zodiac Pices - MD Groat gesso - MD Groat Zodiac Pices Butterfly Wings, sun, paint - Idees DeChris - Jojolours Jo Jo Bear Kit - The world of Justine nbk_PL2015_JULY_Artsy-scribble Wild free art paint stamps NBK artTherapy No1 {Painters-Toolbox} - NBK Storyteller 2017 July - Just Jaimee
  11. What a cute photo and LOVE that background and how you tied it all together with the WA! Fabulous work!
  12. Fascination-of-Life--web.jpg

    My granddaughter a few weeks ago! TFL! (and thanks for pushing me to try this style!) Kit credit: Pastel and Lace by Lindsay Jane, Dandelions Overlay Vol 1 by Graphic Creations Fonts: Burton Slab Rough and Sergio Print
  13. Just LOVE that photo! If that's you it is superb! I really like the curves and papers you used for the curves below the photo. Such fun the whole page. Wonderful work.
  14. That does sound like a really neat web page for girls! I'll have to check it out for my granddaughters! (we live in Canada, so it might not work) Super pictures and journaling. Your blend of the bottom photo looks great, and great cluster work as well.
  15. Congrats to your little champion and her team for such a great season! Your journaling is just perfect for the pictures and theme! I like your use of the wired mesh along with the wired mesh paper...that looks really sharp. Super layering and shadowing as well. Great job on this!