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  1. @Amie Wheeler @Stacia Hall Glad you mentioned libraries Amie and glad you asked Stacia. While I have CC, I have yet to jump into the Photoshop side. You know how it is. It's always easier to stick to what you know when you want to get some project done! and isn't there always a project??? I was glad to get two pages done on my England trip and that is enough to encourage me to keep at it. When I switch styles it takes me a bit to remember what I'm doing. LOL But I do like making trips with Anna Aspnes products as they are so much different than my normal Project Life pages. Lots of fun both ways.
  2. 4 layouts in an hour! Yes that is terrific Amie.
  3. My shiny object can be anything but mostly it's reading various things I see when I'm reading an email and spot something else...lots of rabbit holes. I do know when I really want to get something done, I can have the discipline. I'm fine with getting drinks etc because that forces me to walk down one flight and up one flight of stairs every glass or cup. Plus it adds bathroom breaks - more walking. LOL @sssnoo The internet def DOES slow down when there are lots of goodies seeking it. It's only me and my dh but between us we have 7 devices looking for the web Plus our Apple tv. I try to remember to turn my iPad off at least when I'm not using it.
  4. I have a December 2016 trip to England to do. i only have a few random pages done.
  5. Yes, it wasn't the first to England (where I lived for 7 years with another husband!) but it was the first time in 30 years that I was back in my old home town. Harrogate, London and Bath this time.
  6. I have an album that I hope to start and finish in this time frame.. England Dec 2016! Thanks for having a place to keep me moving!