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  1. Second page done. I think all the advices given to me about my resizing finally paid off to continue posting in the gallery..;)
  2. I think your advice worked... I have re-uploaded my first image and it looks much better!! Thanks!!!
  3. Yes it does looks good just before I start the "pre-posting prep work". Like I said in another reply, It's been a while since I have actively participating in galleries so I have forgotten my technique.. I'll try your advice too this week. Thanks for your help.
  4. I have used a specific set of shadowing style for quite a while so that is why I was surprised when I posted this layout. I will have to do some testing. Thank you for offering your help!
  5. OK i'll try to "save for the web"... it's been so long since I have posted layouts that maybe I was doing that in the past. Thanks!
  6. I made an ultimate effort to finish one page on Sunday knowing my week would prevent me to complete it.... Now I need to find a tutorial to flatten everything so my elements don't seem to float above everything else. It didn't look like that when I saved my layout. Any advice? I am using Elements, version11. I think my steps were : Flatten everything, resize (700x700) and save as a jPEG.
  7. Concentrating on a family trip to Maui in February 2014. Will start gathering the pictures for Day 1. Got to start somewhere!
  8. I'll focus all my creative energy on a family trip to Maui in February.... 2014 (I think). lol It's one of my new year's resolutions to just sit down and let inspiration come and not be distracted by anything else.