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  1. Beautiful page -- just one note -- the first NYC pride parade was in 1970. They started it off that year with a march commemorating the Stonewall riots. But glad you saw the 45th parade!
  2. Fly

    The colors stand out and the textures are very tactile while blown up. I bet the high res is especially gorgeous.
  3. 8 layouts linked below: Minimalist Layout Freespirit Layout Daydreamer Layout Geometrist Layout Traditionalist Layout Shapeshifter Layout Eclectic Layout Abstractionist Layout
  4. Heirloom tomatoes Well - all brushes and actions -- over 80 layers. I guess you can still tell these are tomatoes, but you cannot find the original photo anymore. Is this abstract art? It is to me. Perhaps it is more representational than some consider abstract - I don't know. But it is what it is. I used brushes by: Just Jaimee -- Dynamic brushes, Geometric, Stripes and watercolor. NMB brushes and styles from Autumn WHispers, Intuitive, Make a Wish and Be Kind Also - Anna Aspnes - APP Wildernes Slatter I started with Joanne Brisbois' plain white watercolor paper. I definitely stretched my brush skills on this - first I did a lot of work on the photo; highly modifying it with filters lauers, blending etc. Then I painted and styled away - there is no end to these LO's I found. It's a wrap. Thanks for the challenges --
  5. Well - today is my birthday and every year for some time now I have asked my children to send me a selfie on or around the 3rd and I make a scrapbook LO. It has become a fun tradition. The eclectic LO challenge was perfect for this as I made a grid and devoted a box to each of my children (I have 7) and customized the box with elements and such in keeping with the challenge. I chose colors from one of my favorite family quilts - one made by a family friend and given to us on a family vacation years ago. Journaling reads: September 3, 2017. My 57th birthday. Everyone sent selfie’s for the annual page. We are now flung out across the country and often out exploring far away destinations. Growing stronger and better every year; we persist. As Ngiste says, “Doing all the good we can, by all the means we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can. As long as ever we can.” I have used > 5 patterned papers. My elements include: Frames, glitter, stamps, ephemera (frog, fishing pole, airplane, poet cherub), tape, scatters, stitching, foliage, flowers, ribbon, tags/mats, hearts, string, stones/gems.
  6. Classic, clean and traditional. Check check check. And the photos are wonderful. I especially like the way you make the focal point photo stand out, and his smile is a window to his personailty. Well done.
  7. What a fun fun idea for this challenge. You made me smile.
  8. Wonderful artistry going on here.
  9. Wonderful colors - groovy layout!
  10. The baseball stitching elements add just the perfect touch - you are quite a master of many styles. I am enjoying studying your creations.
  11. This is a piece of artwork that defies critique - it is heartfelt, deep and painstakingly executed. A masterpiece. Thank you for sharing it.
  12. these photos are so wonderful - they send such a loving message in harmony with the journaling and story. I always enjoy studying your creations.
  13. I extracted and blended 4 of my own photos, 3 of my daughter and one of a sand castle (all taken by me). The framed photo is also taken by me and largly un processed except for an added glow. This is a challenging style for me - one I have worked on a lot with classes over the last couple of years. I enjoy making these LO's but I find I have a hard time deciding when they are complete - I keep fiddling with them. I love my daughter's smile and light - she just emanates an aura of poise and joy. I tried to capture her essence in this layout. She is as sunkissed as her curls.
  14. I am finally finding some time to get through my favorites in the galleries -- this Layout is one of my favorites of the entire competition. I love the colors and the technical skills it demonstrates are superb. A winner IMO.
  15. Absolutely classic! Great story board and looks exactly like a paper page. I want to eat the strawberries!