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  1. Besides all of the above, I get lost searching my stash for the perfect element, the perfect paper, the perfect font, the perfect whatever and a page goes on and on and on and on. I am working on collecting a finite number of things and sticking to it and also setting an informal time gola for completeing a page or saying enough already. Of course if I went and tagged everything better..... (JK...I have a mac and it's seach function is pretty great - too great). oh - and i have a technical slowdown maybe someone can help me with. I have a Mac air so cannot keep many photos or my scrap stash on the hard drive. I have a couple hard drives I had hard wired into USB ports but they are full and also one port died on me and I don't want to pay to replace it (boo crazy Mac price to fix). Sooooo. I now put my stash and photos on my wifi networked TimeMachine but it is sooooooo slow. It can take a long time to open a kit so search or trolling trough makes me kind of crazy. My internet is superfast - but what controls the speed of internal house wifi and how can I make it faster? Or I distract myself with IT issues. HAs anyone used Amazon Prime photo to back up or store their stash? It is unlimited and free with prime. I would love to synch but I think I have to have it on a computer not an external drive - just wondering what anyone else may have done. I otherwise pay Mozy about 300 a year for back up of photos only.
  2. I'm in - I started a Project 2106 album of "recipes that made a family" and I am 1/3 way through. I want to gift actual hard copies to my children for Christmas this year so I need to make progress. I am sloooooow. And sooooooo behind with everything. I never finish a project - and have been kind of depressed about it lately so this will be good. I welcome the companionship!
  3. Thanks for the tips on linking. Much apprciated.
  4. I give up - frustration level getting to me.....
  5. OK -- maybe this will work -
  6. Loved this challenge - it pushed me to complete a collection of pages I needed to do 9 years ago! But now I know I was waiting for the perfect technique. I have no idea how to do a link so it looks like a picture - at one time I knew but cannot remember and just don't have the time to sort it out --- whatever...