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  1. I love this take on the challenge! It is soft, and focused!!
  2. I love this page!! My life is often just like this!!!
  3. This is my effort, not as late as usual! Thanks for looking , did this twice, sorry!! Made a tiny change!
  4. This is my effort, not as late as usual! Thanks for looking http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/3821-our-storyjpg/
  5. As usual I am late!! But love to join and finish a book for my grandaughter!!
  6. Thank you, glad I got my "late as usual" entry in!!
  7. My as usual late entry!! This was an interesting challenge, thank you!!
  8. congratulations Christine!! Mine was also a nice surprise!
  9. Like your page, the background page pushes your eye right to your lovely photo's. Great remembrance of a wonderful. day
  10. http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/3746-march-2017jpg/ my Effort for the challenge
  11. Have two double pages done (except for the journaling). At this moment feeling so accomplished, but I have a busy week, my progress this week might not be so wonderful!!!!
  12. I hope to finish the wedding album for my granddaughter!
  13. Count me in on this!! Need to finish my granddaughters wedding album!!! Only a year behind. Life gets so busy you just let things slide, makes me feel better to know I have kindred spirits out there in the same boat. Good luck to the ones trying to reclaim pictures from the dreaddd sticky albums!! I did almost all of mine a few years ago, now need to make them digital, but that is another project!
  14. http://forum.scrapaneers.com/gallery/image/3560-janurary-challenge_hurry/ My entry, late as usual! But such grand fun! Not sure I am posting this the right way!!!!
  15. My challenge effort,this was fun. Subject is my great grandson who commented, I finally made it! as he headed out the door for his first day. Hope he keeps the enthusiasm!