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  1. like this, it makes you feel like you are flying!
  2. Nice version of an abstract, makes me think of freedom, very carefree
  3. This is so nice; lots of white space and still abstract. The simple color palette really makes this work
  4. Love this, it is elegant in its execution! Colors are perfect
  5. What a great treatment for that image. Love the softness of this
  6. Pulling out his colors for your page is great, love the textures
  7. Nice page, love the color combinations!
  8. love this, what a great take on this challenge
  9. Looks wonderful, just like paper!!!
  10. great photos!! Well done
  11. Wish I had been clever enough to use the actual vitamin C formula!!!!
  12. Anna Aspnes transfers, and her filled frame.
  13. Alpha from Anna Aspnes, it was the most difficult for me to come up with, I never use them!!! This is a comfortable style for me to use!!
  14. Like the triangle cutouts!!