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  3. Crazy busy week at work and having lots of meetings that extended my normal working day. Spent Saturday with downtime and them a little house cleaning. I'm planning on working on a few more pages this afternoon while my middle schooler does some homework. We can work together. I'm grateful that I have everything organized so I'm ready to go when I have a little time. The photos I want to scrap are in separate folders and I also have all the kits I'm using for this project together in one folder as well. No getting lost in the stash!
  4. Busy week at work but I'm looking forward to the weekend where I can hopefully carve out a little me time to scrap! I always feel better when I take the time for myself to do what I LOVE. Reading through the comments I see some great work being done already--we can do this! This is a wonderful place to share and cheer each other on!
  5. Here's one more for the album
  6. YAY! I added my first new page to my London trip album project!
  7. I have been known to get lost in gallery surfing. So I limit myself to maximum 1 hour on Saturday morning. I use google photos to backup on line in addition to an external hard drive. Facebook is my daily distraction.
  8. I am committed to completing my London trip album. Took the trip between Christmas 2015 and New Years 2016 with my daughter and a friend that were in the London New Years Day Parade. I have some pages done but need to finish and print out books. I also have a curated folder with the kits/templates I am using for this project so I don't have much of an excuse not to finish! I'm looking forward to the accountability and cheering each other on! I made this travel poster that was featured in blog post last year here at Scrapneers that I'll incorporate into a cover.
  9. I wasn't too sure about trying out this technique either, but I'm glad I did! Come on and have a little fun with it. Can't wait to see what you create!
  10. Here's mine:
  11. Welcome to the October Challenge! This month's challenge will again be based off of October's Champions techniques. All participants will win a set of beautiful journal cards and bits created by the amazingly talented Scrapaneers' Peers. (Click on the image to enlarge it.) And one lucky RANDOM participant will win a $10 gift certificate towards any Scrapaneers class! Without further ado, here is this month’s challenge: Your layout MUST use the "cut out" artistic filter. Tiffany's October Champions video is great at teaching you about this filter. Your layout MUST include a little "BLING" (could be glitter, sequins, gold/silver metals) somewhere in your layout. Fine print: We welcome all kinds of layouts here at Scrapaneers. For example, if you are a pocket scrapper, please feel free to adjust the challenge to work with that style. Love artsy and mixed media, make the challenge steps relevant to your style. Your completed challenge layout must be: Posted in the Scrapaneers Challenge gallery. In your description, please point out how/where you used each challenge step. Linked to this thread. No later than 11:59 p.m. EST on November 4, 2015! Got questions? Ask ‘em here! One of us will respond ASAP. Just add a reply right after this post, to stake claim to your spot in this month’s challenge.