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  1. I got one School Album layout done last week. It was a busy week! But I'm happy for a little progress!
  2. I created my first custom 2-sided pocket page layout that I hope to repeat for each year in their school albums. I used the fuse tool! And here is my corresponding blog post: http://paintedladiesjournal.blogspot.com/2017/07/school-albums-part-2-making-plan.html?m=1
  3. Haha! I know the feeling well. I think you should go for it!!
  4. So, I wrote my commitment in the last post, oops. I plan to work on school albums for 3 kids. I've just barely started and have a blog series following my progress. So I really need to get this going and want to have some accountability to do more that just what I need for the blog! Here was my first blog post: http://www.amberlabau.com/school-album-part-1-organizing-and-photographing-artwork/
  5. I'm going to try to get each of my 3 kids' school albums going. I'm just starting them (oldest going into 3rd). Not sure if I'll have them caught up til current in 6 weeks, but that would be fabulous. I'll be happy to have them each with 1-2 school years done per kid, and a system in place. 😍
  6. Yay! Thanks so much! It was fun to participate. It really keep me going!
  7. Hi! What happened with this Project Scrap? Was their a winner of the free class?
  8. Yes, Katherine! Thanks! I love using my iPhone. I've gotten pretty good at getting decent photos with it. Since I always have it one me, it gets used the most. I love getting my big camera out, too, but it's just not practical to bring it everywhere.
  9. Couple more for my WITL, 2017. So close to done. I just need to finish the full size photos that start and finish each day. And then print.
  10. Week 5 progress! 3 more 2-page spreads for WITL. I think I'll be done creating, but then I need to print...MAYBE I can get it all! That would be fabulous
  11. Got two more 2-page 6x8 spreads done for my WITL 2017 project!
  12. Whew! It's been a busy week, but I did add a few more WITL pages to my project, so I call that a win! I uploaded them to the Gallery!
  13. I got several 6x8 layouts done for my WITL 2017 project done last week! I uploaded them in the Gallery yesterday.
  14. WITL - Tuesday End Page

    Here's a simple end page for my Tuesday of Week in the Life. I chose to tell the story of what it's like trying to leave swim lessons when they are done.
  15. WITL -Tuesday 02

    Two more pages for Tuesday of my WITL. I'm using Just Jaimee's May Storyteller for these two 6x8 pocket pages.