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  1. Got two more 2-page 6x8 spreads done for my WITL 2017 project!
  2. Whew! It's been a busy week, but I did add a few more WITL pages to my project, so I call that a win! I uploaded them to the Gallery!
  3. I got several 6x8 layouts done for my WITL 2017 project done last week! I uploaded them in the Gallery yesterday.
  4. WITL - Tuesday End Page

    Here's a simple end page for my Tuesday of Week in the Life. I chose to tell the story of what it's like trying to leave swim lessons when they are done.
  5. WITL -Tuesday 02

    Two more pages for Tuesday of my WITL. I'm using Just Jaimee's May Storyteller for these two 6x8 pocket pages.
  6. I failed at the last one, but I'm determined to finish my WITL 2017 project by June 11.
  7. I'd like to have the action! (if you don't mind - hollygenc AT gmail DOT com)
  8. First time checking in! I joined last week, and changed my project mid-week, lol. I got 4 pages done, and about 6 to go! I did Left & Right, Week 6 and Left & Right, Week 7 of my 2010 album using the current Just Jaimee Ready-To-Go Pages! So, trying to keep up with them as they come out, and I've gotten behind... Here's one of my pages I did this week:
  9. I'm late to this group but I love the idea and have lots of projects on my virtual shelf. Since I don't have the whole 6 weeks, I'm going to commit to a smaller project. I got a little less than 1/2 of my December Daily 2016 complete and want to finish it! Ok, I'm totally revising my project! I have another need that I want done first. lol. I'll save this one for later...I've been going back to 2010 and using the current Just Jaimee Ready-To-Go Page Template for that year when my oldest was a year old. I'm on Week 5, they are two-page spreads and Week 9 just came out. So that's 10 12x12 LO's. I want to keep up! I'll share soon!